Dutch & Dutch 8c: firmware v2.0

@asiano I am just to get a demo set of 8C and wondering how you integrate for home cinema. Would you be willing to share your setup for that please?

Anybody know the difference between software versions 2.04 and 2.05?

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I don’t think that solves my problem. I want to keep the signal in the digital domain from the TV so I need a converter that can do two digital sources (Optical and AES/EBU) to AES/EBU.

When my 8C’s were new I did not have the MiniDSP SHD Studio, so I went through Benchmark DAC2 to analog input in the 8C’s. I can hear the difference removing the extra D/A - A/D in the signal chain and going digital all the way.

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I cheaper solution could be using a Yamaha WXC-50. That is what I use for TV (toslink to WXC-50) and Spotify Connect.
The WXC-50 is connected to the 8c by coax > Neutrik NADITBNC MX adapter BNC male - XLR male > AES.
I set the WXC-50 volume to fixed and control Roon’s volume with a Microsoft Dial (RooDial) for both streaming in Roon and AES input. In Ascend, I have enabled “Automatically disconnect streaming” to auto-switch between streaming in Roon and the AES input.

Interesting, how have you got RooDail to work?

See: rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial

I use a Raspberry Pi zero w.

Thanks - Does roonserver automatically find the extension once loaded in the Pi ?
Can you please explain your hardware setup exactly, and how its all powered and connected?

Is the MusicCast function “family friendly”, i.e. easy to use (as in e.g. my Lumin U1 Mini)? We would need to use Apple AirPlay.

I don’t use the MusicCast functionality. The WXC-50 does have Apple Airplay (not Airplay 2).

Yes, Roon finds the extension automatically.


  • Pair of D&D 8c’s
  • Yamaha WXC-50
  • Sony Bravia TV (with Apple TV, Google Chromecast and PS4 connected true hdmi)
  • Raspberry Pi zero W with RooDial software
  • Microsoft Dial
  • Synology NAS with Roon core
  • Several Roon remotes (iPads, iPhones, Macs)
  • English Electric 8Switch
  • Kemp Powerstrip (with Furutech NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer) powered from a dedicated power line with Furutech FP-SWS Schuko Outlet and Siemens/Kemp fuse cartridge (with HiFi-Tuning Supreme fuses)


  • The D&D’s (Lapp Ölflex 110 CY 3G2,5 power cords), TV (standard power cord), WXC-50 (standard power cord) and switch are powered from the Kemp Powerstrip (with Lapp Ölflex 110 CY 3G2,5 power cord to Furutech FP-SWS).
  • The Raspberry is powered from another outlet (with Apple USB-AC adapter).


  • The TV goes toslink out → toslink in to WXC-50
  • The D&D’s are connected to the switch (Belden CatSnake cat5) and to the WXC-50 (coax > Neutrik > AES)
  • The D&D’s are AES-connected to each other (with AES terminator on second D&D)
  • The WXC-50 is connected to the switch (Audioquest Carbon cat700)
  • The TV, Apple TV and PS4 are connected to the switch (standard cat6 cable)
  • The switch is connected to ethernet (Belden CatSnake cat5) with standard cat5 cables from outlet to router (via - second - 16 port switch since I have ethernet outlets in all rooms of my house)
  • The Raspberry Pi is wifi connected to the wireless network
  • The Microsoft Dial is bluetooth connected to the Raspberry Pi (through RooDial software)
  • The NAS is connected directly to the router (Audioquest Forest cat700)

Er… that’s about it :slight_smile:

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Thankyou, that gives me the confidence to try the RooDial/Pi :slight_smile:

2.0.6 rolling out now.

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Soon I will be the owner of D&D 8c speakers and need to upgrade to latest v2.0 firmware.

I use Roon allready, but have only one internet access point available in my living room.
What do I do, use a internet splitter or a switch linked to the access point?
In case of last mentioned, I will end up with a switch “behind” the main switch, wonder if an issue with Roon then?

I just use a normal switch and it works fine.


Firmware Release Notes.

Is there anywhere that lists what was changed in firmware 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6? (There may be others beyond these I’m not aware of after 2.0). The firmware section in the D&D web site doesn’t list anything for 2.x firmware at all. Not sure how there can be releases with out any release notes that can be seen.

Copying @Martijn_Mensink

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I believe you can see the release notes in RMS. I am not at home to check.

It says:

2.0.6 patches a compatibility issue for quality control.

So are you supposed to use rms or ascend to update now? I used ascend ……

That’s a good question. RMS is separate from Lanspeaker so is still available. I was going to use it to look at the release information.


Will room eq wizard be working with 2.0 any time soon?

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