Dutch & Dutch 8c: non-Roon inputs

I mainly use Roon/ tidal but sometimes I listen to Spotify because of the larger library.
I now own a lumin u1 mini with powerbooster upgrade. I think this might be overkill for the times I will use it for Spotify. I am thinking about downgrading when the c8’s can play Roon. Pi2aes seems a good low budget option for spotify but is hard to find nowadays. Which streamer with ae/ebu is the best low budget option?

You could use a mini DSP studio, it has a Spotify plug in as well as airplay and a host of other plug ins including roon bridge


No need to give any timelines (haunting :ghost:) but what are the next streaming inputs/protocols planned?

Spotify Connect?

Airplay 2?

Tidal Connect?

To use alongside Roon input.

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Note that you need an authentic and latest Spotify Connect for Spotify HiFi as implemented in Lumin. Open source implementation won’t work for HiFi, at least in the near future.

I’m so keen to get Spotify connnect and Roon within the 8C’s, so I can sell the Mini SHD Studio. I like the Lounge TV setup to be just speakers and TV.

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You can do that now, you can get Spotify on an android TV

The only prior slip up that caused grief was saying “soon”.

Hence why I said, no timeline required.

Would love for you to share what non-Roon streaming inputs you are working on - without timeline to cause future haunting ! :skull:

Do Airplay 2 and Chromecast inputs need special hardware, so not really possible with 8C?

And official Spotify Connect (not open source Spotify)?

DLNA for those with extensively tagged libraries on a server.

Hi all, i’m about to have an in home demo for the 8c. Besides using roon directly, i wondered if anyone could share their setup for home cinema. I have a dirac enabled 5.1 setup at present with an NAD T778 receiver. Wondered if people would suggest what has worked for them in either 5.1 or 5.0 or 4.0 setups? Many thanks