Editing artist info

I have added a jazz song to my library from Tidal, and some of the artists that I know perform on that segment are not shown in the credits - I would like to edit the info in my roon so the artist list is expanded to show the proper list of artists - how do I do that?

thanks so much!

The simple answer is to use the 3 dots edit facility for the track in question - see this KB article.

BUT, be careful when adding an artist that is not already in your database. For instance you want to add Miles Davis and he is not already in your library. If you create a new Miles then Roon will assume that your Miles is different from the well known one. But you can’t add the correct one because there is no current link in your library to reference.

The way round this is to get the well known performer into your library first, even temporarily via adding an album from Tidal. Then add the artist to your track, after which you can delete the temporary album.

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Interesting advice…wish I had known this earlier!

Thanks sincerely @BrianW (including the very helpful advice on adding artist to database first).

Curiously, and frustratingly, the 3 dots do not offer me any edit option in any view (as shown in the KB article). Here are some views:

Album view - clicking 3 dots next to song:

Song play view - clicking 3 dots on right of bottom bar:

Play list view - clicking 3 dots on the right side on the same line of the song:

Is there something I need to do to enable editing?

thanks so much - and happy new year :slight_smile:

I notice in your screen shots that the “Add to library” option is still there and there is two “Veronica Swift”. I am thinking Roon thinks there is a difference between the track in Tidal and the one in your library. Try going back to the Artist view and finding the track in your library again. Check if the artist is showing up twice. You will be able to edit the song once you find the one that Roon sees as in your library. Hopefully that made sense :rofl: I have gone through this circle a few time as well

thanks @AnimalOnDrums !

Interesting, when I click on the artist Veronica Swift - I get my song listed twice, and in neither case is it in my library (i.e. when click on either of the duplicate listings, I have the option to add the song “add to library”) - so I added the song to my library and now I see the “edit” options… I’ll try and hope this solves it.

but from this episode I am learning that when I add a song from Tidal to a roon playlist it doesn’t add it to my library? - I use roon constantly to discover new music. Does this mean that everytime time I find something from Tidal and add it to a playlist I also have to add an extra step of adding it to my library (i.e. adding to a roon playlist doesn’t add it to the roon library)? sounds very backward and unintuitive double step, but I guess better find out now before I had to duplicate so much work…

You are correct. When you add a song to a playlist it does not add it to the library. If you want to add it to your library you would either do it right after adding it to a playlist, or you can add multiple songs from the playlist to your library at the same time. In the playlist you can left click on multiple tracks to select them and then, using the menu at the top of the page, you can add all of them to the library at the same time. I don’t know the equivalent on Windows, but on my Mac I right click on the first song I want to add, scroll down to the last song I want to add and hit Shift while right clicking and it selects all the files in-between, which I can then add to the library at the same time. I agree there should be an option to move songs into your library if they are added to a playlist. It is annoying but no so bad once you figure out these little work arounds and stuff.

thanks @AnimalOnDrums - I’m inching forward… :slight_smile:

So what you suggested works (in Windows, I simply press “control-A” in a playlist, which I suspect you’ll be able to do with “command-A” on a mac, to mark all tracks and add to the library in one motion - done!

now that I’ve done it on one play list, I notice that, inside that play list, when I click the 3 dots to the right of a song I don’t always get the same menu.

Here is one scenario, where I have lots of options now available to me, including edit…

… and here is another scenario, where I have less options available, excluding edit…

Weirdly enough, if I navigate out of the playlist view and search for the Leonard Cohen song from my library, I will be able to get the edit option.

funky UI… :slight_smile:

no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

That is strange. In the case of “My Girl”, do you have an actual file of that song in your library? Notice how in the menu that pops up for that song there is an option “View File Info…”, which only occurs if you have the actual file of that song. I notice that the heart icon is also highlighted for “My Girl” which you can only do to songs where you have the file or if you “liked” the song using Tidal’s player I think. On songs where I have the file on my NUC, the longer menu pops up, but for songs that are from streaming, I get the shorter menu. That is my best guess but I am not completely sure :grimacing:

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One is a local track in your library and the other is a streaming track. Different sources have different menus.

Playlists can be a mixture of library and non-library items. You can easily tell by looking at the 'heart symbol just before the track time in the list. If it has a solid surround then the track is in your library and can be edited.

I don’t know if you’ve read this KB article yet, but you may find it useful.

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@BrianW @AnimalOnDrums - you’re both right and very helpful - it does seem short menu is for songs that aren’t library (even if they are in my playlist; a very confusing and unhelpful distinction imho), and the long menu is for songs that are in my library, in which case the heart symbol is operational. Thanks!

@Rugbby - that isn’t quite true. The long menu appears for song that I have in my playlist via streaming only (Tidal), not a local file. It’s just “added to library” vs. just added to a “playlist” (a really unhelpful distinction - this means every single song I have added in the past, and that I will be adding moving forward, I have to manually add twice - once to my library, and then to my playlist (why would I ever want a song to be in my playlist and not in my library? it would just have more limited access and info for me).

I am left with one operational challenge - I’d like to add multiple songs to my library from long playlists that I already created. I can easy select multiple tracks, but there is no place that I can see in the playlist view to add multiple selections at once to the library (3 dots at top do not have this option). Any other way to do this at scale?

thanks so much everyone :slight_smile: and happy new year!

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Apologies for the double entries - but I’m researching further and finding one more baffling issue - can one only add full albums to library vs. specific songs? (would explain why I can’t add songs to library from within playlists unless I tediously navigate to the specific albums)

This doesn’t make sense, since if I am only interested in one song in an album and don’t much care for the rest (a very common theme to most people), it means I’d be forced to add the entire album to my library for no good reason. so for a 100 songs I like, I will add another 900 ones I have no interest in to my library… what am I missing?

thanks for all the help everyone. from a clear novice…

good, I am glad! I don’t know about this last one though. It should act the same way as when you selected all the songs in the playlist using control-A yesterday. The only guess I have is that one of the tracks you have selected is already in your library, so the option does not appear. I have a 365 song playlist that has songs from Qobuz but are not in my library and I went through it picking random songs and I had the “Add to library” option when I clicked the 3-dot button

And no, you don’t have to add an album. you should be able to add specific songs from a playlist just like you did yesterday. All those songs were from different albums right? Also, where are you trying to do this? Like what are you playing and where is it from? or a screen shot would help. we can try to figure it out

@AnimalOnDrums - I just ran a fresh scenario from scratch.

I took a short play list I have on roon which has 100% of all songs from Tidal - keeping things simple to monitor.

First, I went into the playlist, selected all songs (control A), and then clicked the 3 dots at the top, where I was happy to see the “Add To Library” option, which I clicked:

I then came back to the playlist, and when I repeated this exercise, this option disappeared as presumably all these songs are now in my library:


when looking now inside my playlist, they don’t behave as songs in my library:

  1. The menu I can open on the side to each song doesn’t have an “edit” option.
  2. The “heart” icon next to the songs isn’t operational

I’m finding that when I search for any of these songs separately, it will show in my library, and I can then navigate to it and edit it. But it I navigate to the same song through a playlist (even if I click further into the album), no edit option is possible - I have to exit it all and search from top level in my library for it.

I’m starting to think this is all bad UI design…

Yes, it can all be confusing.

Your playlist starts off with a list of tracks which point to objects in Tidal. You then tell Roon to add these to your library and in order to do that Roon sets up a new set of objects in your library describing the tidal tracks. These can be edited.

However, your playlist is still referencing the tidal objects, not your library ones. You need to add the library objects to a playlist.

One way of doing this, having added all your required tracks to your library, is to go to the tracks browser and sort by date added (see this KB article ). Select all the recent ones and add to a new playlist.

Yes, I missed which song the menu was representing. My point, though, was not that the song was local so much as that it was in your library.

You might not, but, others may. I do. Having a playlist of tracks to “check out”, then, after I do, I can add the album to my library or remove the track from the playlist.

And, to add a track to Roon you have to favorite it in Tidal. Tidal has a hard limit. So, having playlists NOT being in your library is one way to get around that hard limit for people up against it.

@Rugby - does that mean that when I favorite a track/song in Tidal’s app, Roon will automatically add that song to my Roon library?

Does the above logic work for both favoriting songs/tracks and albums in Tidal resulting in those being added automatically to my Roon library?

Will the reverse also work, I.e. every song/track, or album, which I add to Roon library will also add that song, or album, to my Tidal favorites (if available there)?

Yes, it will. I just double checked by favorited a Justin Beaber song in Tidal and it showed up in Roon after a forced sync.

Yes, BUT, Roon works in Albums not tracks. So, if you favorite a track in Tidal, you will find it as an Album with only 1 track in Roon. This might become potentially problematic if you then WANT to add the whole album later.

Yes, if you ADD an Album in Roon, after you do a sync, then go into Tidal, you should see it under your albums aka favorite in Tidal.

Thank you @rugby

Why would having an album with a single track in Roon library be problematic if I want to later add the whole album? (just to make sure I understand this, and think ahead properly of potential scenarios)

Also, if I add a track (not a while album, but a single song), to my library in Roon - would it add that track to my favorited tracks in Tidal (I.e. will the reverse sync logic of roo library to tidal favorites work for tracks same way as it does for albums?)

Thanks so much!