End Point for Headphones

I generated a similar thread before I found this one. Very interesting suggestions. I really need to read a little bit more about the limetree network. I´m looking for a headphone amp DAC for my office desk. But I also like the Chord solution with the poly. That could replace a mobile DAP . I read some reviews of people that were not satisfied with the Chords. Because of bad battery life and build qualitiy.

Hi, can you please tell me what ikea product is that? LoL

I just found that is a kitchen table for cutting😬
I’m copying your idea hahaha

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Raspberry Pi 4 with Dragonfly Cobalt.

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Its 3 x bamboo chopping boards with self drilled 6mm holes with M6 threaded rods, nuts and bolts. I made it you can’t buy it as is.


Thanks a lot!

I would recommend you give a try to a Chromecast Audio, I was looking for a similar device to do streaming to my the bedroom. A low risk purchase for $50 at eBay solved my search. I’m streaming hi-res to Beyerdynamic DT880, which are easy to drive, like your cans. Very happy with it, so purchased a second one to feed my living room all analog inputs integrated amp Cambridge Audio 851A:
NUC > Chromecast > Integrated. I also tried NUC USB > Nuforce 80 DAC > Integrated, and both sounded good. So I opted for the wireless option and eliminated one cable.

Be aware that the Chromecast audio output accepts 3.5-mm stereo cable or Mini TOSLINK to TOSLINK optical cable to connect digitally to a DAC.
I use both connection types: the first one to the headphones and the second one to the living room DAC.

Late to the game, but I’d love a single device solution for a WiFi hi-res endpoint for wired headphones.

Here’s the best I’ve come up with, iPhone as Roon endpoint and FiiO Q5s Dac/Amp to drive my balanced Grados. Works fine when stationary. Requires a special FiiO USB cable. A little bulky for walking around. Pretty much everyone has a phone and there’s a zillion USB Dac/Amps for to match to your headphones that range from inexpensive to uber expensive (hey… it’s audio)

This is my latest wired headphone setup; Raspberry Pi4 in a Flirc case, on Wi-Fi and running RoPieee, to my Questyle QP1R DAP set to DAC mode.

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My poor man‘s DAP: Pi3, Hifiberry DAC2 HD, power bank, Velcro strap, usb cable. Software side Ropieee with Naaplayer. With a 20000 mAh power bank, not the most elegant and portable device in the world, but infinite battery life.

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Lindemann Limetree NETWORK (I or II) is an excellent endpoint.

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An Limetree isn’t really an headphone amp for headphones like an Audeze LC-XC…
As the only Roon Ready integrated endpoint with a real headphone amp under $1000, I see (and use) the Matrix Audio Mini (Pro). The Naim Uniti Atom HE (also in my use) sounds a bit better and also an Oppo HE-1 (but then you need an external endpoint → it’s my sleeping room setup with a RPi 4) or a Goldnote DS-10, but they much more expansiv.