Erratic disconnections/ reconnections?

I’ve been having trouble with Roon (on Nucleus) disconnecting and reconnecting, at least once in every long listening session. Sound cuts out and controllers look for Roon Core, taking a few seconds up to a minute or so to reconnect. When Roon reappears on the controller, I have to hit Play again.

My system uses TP-Link WiFi, but a friend whose system is wired by Ethernet has recently experienced the same thing just as often.

Also, it does this whether playing from WiFi or from the Nucleus’ internal SSD. So there’s good reason to believe this isn’t a WiFi problem.

This is the system: iPad (and sometimes iPhone or iMac) for controller; AQ power conditioner to Nucleus and other components; Nucleus to Matrix SPDIF to PS Directstream DAC; and onward to Pathos headphone amp and Utopias. All components after the Nucleus stay on while Roon/Nucleus disconnects and reconnects. All connections to/from Nucleus are firm; wiggles don’t produce disconnects.

WiFi (which doesn’t seem to be the problem) checks out in speed tests and doesn’t blink in other applications.

My Nucleus and its power supply and connectors were new at the beginning of this year and functioned as they should, through the Roon 1.8 upgrade. I didn’t notice these disconnections right after the upgrade in February; they’ve occurred during the last month or so.

Please advise about what’s wrong and what steps to make Roon more reliable.

Thx, Kirk T.

Just wondering: when this occurs is this happening for all sources? Is it only streaming from the internet (Qobuz, or other services) or internet radio stations? Or is it happening on your local wireless network (WiFi)? Or is it with wired (Ethernet or USB) sources? Lately (past month or so) I’ve had Qobuz stop playing after Roon seems to halt. No other sources or networking or music access has displayed the problem.

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In my specific case it ONLY happens with Qobuz. I never have any issues with locally attached drive (my library source) or playing over the internet from stations worldwide. And it does not happen when I play Qobuz using the dCS Mosaic app (which communicates directly with my dCS Upsampler to the dCS DAC, bypassing the Roon Core). So, that leaves the Roon Core or, far less likely, the Roon app as the culprit.

I reinstalled Roon Core and software, and it was OK for a couple of days - but now has disconnected once from Qobuz and once from Nuke’s internal SSD.

No Support on this?

I think you’ll need to follow the general guidelines of:

  1. identifying your detailed configuration and network and specific symptoms
  2. approximately when the problem occurred and day as well as providing the logs from the system

At least that’s what I needed to do when I reported my problem: Qobuz playback stops mid track

Read this: I'm having a problem with Roon -- how do I report it? - #5 by RoonFAQ

Hope that helps.

You need to post in the #support section

This will prompt you to define your system and will alert @support to your issue.

If not it will go unnoticed by support

Mike - @Kirk_Thompson has posted in the Nucleus Support category - a sub-forum of the main Support category.

The Support team will automatically be notified.

The Support queue is long at the moment, so that is why the team is taking longer than usual to respond.

Sorry missed that , the system description would help though

Agreed - the link posted by @stevebythebay is key to getting sufficient information on the table to help diagnosis by the Support team.

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Hi @Kirk_Thompson

Does the same problem occur if you play to a different endpoint, like System Output of one of your remotes?

When this disconnect happens, are you able to connect to the Nucleus Web Administration Interface? If so can you share a screenshot of what you see here?

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