Error on new update to ROON

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Build number ? 1.6 I think, cannot open ROON now as this error message is all that will come up.

I use a laptop running win7 as a requestor to wifi to ROON ROCK. Today it said an update is available and during the install this error came up ““Could not compile vertexbasic shader: ERROR: 1:6: ‘lowp’ : syntax error parse error””

I have no idea of what to do. I tried downloading from the ROON web site and that install does the same.

Hi @Linda_Meldzuk,

Can you try completely uninstalling Roon on the Windows remote, rebooting the device, and then reinstalling?

If you still see the error after that, can you share a screenshot?

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Tried your suggestion. Same result.

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