Error: "There is an issue loading your database" after updated to QNAP firmware 4.5.3

Core Machine

Model name HS-453DX
CPU Intel(R) Celeron(R) J4105 CPU @ 1.50GHz (4 cores)
BIOS version QZ29AR08
Total memory 8 GB (8 GB usable)
Firmware version Build 20210428

Network Details

WIFI connection
NETGEAR Orbi Mini Router RBR40

Audio Devices

USB connecting to ADI-2 DAC

Description of Issue

After 1) updated the QNAP firmware to version 4.5.3 and 2) updated the Roon remote to version 1.8.00790

The sever looks running without any problem but the Roon app gives the error message "can’t recognize any audio device and show the message “There is an issue loading your database”.

Screenshots of the Roon sever status and Roon app error message

I tried reinstalling the roon sever and reboot my NAS many times but the problem persists.

Please help!


Same issue here. QNap NAS doesn’t find database. Logs available, where to send?