Roon Core not working on QNAP NAS

Core Machine


Roon stopped working on QNAP NAS, same problem as Error: "There is an issue loading your database" after updated to QNAP firmware 4.5.3

Stopped, removed and reinstalled QNAP Roon package, no fix. I have pulled logs from the QNAP: Dropbox - - Simplify your life


QNAP had a HUGE security problem a couple of weeks ago. You may want to try running their MalWare Remover app on your QNAP NAS. Also I noticed that after doing a QNAP NAS firmware update recently I was unable to connect to my network share (NAS). I had to enter the admin username and password to get my network share NAS to connect to my Intel NUC running ROCK. Hope this helps!

I did the below to get the things back:

  1. remove the roon app. in app centre
  2. delete the roon Sever folder in the sharefolder of Qnap (you may want to back it up first but I didn’t)
  3. Reinstall the roon app, to the drive where the multimedia consol located.
  4. Enable the audio devices

I got my back the roon connection, audio device and tidal albums and playlists, but lost all the playlists created in roon which I originally thought I had got it back.

I still don’t know what had gone wrong with roon or my Qnap and why the above could fix it. No harm to give it a try. Hope this works for you. Good luck!

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