ETA for Anthem AVM70 Roon Ready certification?

Hi looking to purchase the new Anthem processor does the roon have any ETA for their certification on this unit?

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Hi @Gary_Foux,

You won’t get any information from Roon one this, it’s down to the manufacturer to comment should they wish to.

The Anthem website site says coming soon Just wanted to clarify what “Soon” ment?

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I know it’s frustrating to wait … but it could be tomorrow it could be never.
My advice, for what it’s worth, would be not to purchase a device based on a promise of what it might be.


Half truths and lies abound in these waters. Take Carl’s advice.


I have had success using Roon with older Anthems by using the HDMI out of a Nucleus into the Anthem. You also get the benefit of ARC.
I would expect the new Anthems to behave the same, although when I get my MRX 740 I will be using RAAT and ethernet to connect once that is available.

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While I’m pretty new to Anthem (received a new MCA525 gen 2 and 4 months waiting the AVM70…) I believe that such a reliable brand couldn’t clearly advise such a compatibility without ever releasing it… It would be a massive drawback (and open to legal claims as well).
Covid has slowed down all the hardware and software development, but I’m confident Anthem will get back on track. Hopefully :smiley:

PS: anybody out there with news on this?

I hope you are right. It has been six month since “Roon Ready” has been implied in their advertising. I wonder just how long it takes to garner the actual “Roon Ready” status.

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Still waiting… hoping to have it by september (such as my AVM70, that’s not arrived as well).

One thing I’d like asking the Roon community - meanwhile - is if the Anthem, once “Roon Ready”, will be able to play my multichannel DSF files that I bitperfect-ripped with my Oppo 105: I have an extensive 60+ SACD library that I would like to listen in digital, without using anymore the Oppo 105, both multi-channel (better) and stereo versions.

Is the Roon client expected in the Anthem (as any Roon Ready client, I presume) able to perfectly play my DSF files? (I’ll install Roon Core on my Synology DS1019+ NAS)

Many thanks

Still no news from Anthem… But… anything on the above? (DSF stuff…)
Meanwhile I’ve seen I’d have to use a docker solution within my NAS.

I still haven’t a good plan to integrate my Anthem MRX 740 with Roon. How did you guys did it while waiting?

I have two ways to access Roon on my 740: for sheer convenience, enable the built-in Chromecast feature that should show up on Roon settings/audio as an other network device. For hi-res, I have a Raspberry Pi with a coaxial S/PDIF output connected to the receiver.

I did a Raspi with HifiBerry digital coax as well Roon + HiFiBerry | Get Roon for a Better Music Experience

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But… still no news from Anthem?!

I am losing hopes.
Shame on you Anthem.

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They won’t be listening on this channel, I’d guess…

I will send them an email but I guess the result will be the same.

Hello Luca,

I read the following in AVSforum:

Bob Pariseau
Aug 10, 2022
#12067 Official Anthem AVM 70/90 Owners Thread

…I suspect the next feature release will be Roon. I don’t think Anthem will look seriously at DTS X Pro demand prior to that.

Tonight’s predictions are brought to you by Magic 8 Ball™, the world’s foremost authority!

I still have hope

ps: Bob is great


No news as of today.
Don’t think we will ever see the Roon certification implemented.

So this has sat dormant for a while, so time to revive. Any updates on Roon certification? Is there a hardware issue that Anthem doesn’t want to admit? I have a hard time believing that it takes this long for Roon to certify the AVM70. Let’s get this show on the road!