Ethernet Bluenode 2 not find

Good morning,
I just start today with ROON, everything is ok except that Roon found my 2 bluenode 2 which are on my wifi network, but it didn’t find the one which is on my ethernet network.
I also try to find it through the setting menu/ set up/ configure Roon os device: but i just only see “searching for device” running and nothing happen.
Thanks for your help.

Roon expects all devices to be on the same network, if your core is on wifi and its all being seen, then its probably your wifi network is using a different subnet address.’t_Roon_Remote_Connect%3F

You might like to provide more info based on details here

Thanks for your quick answer.
My core (iMac Mojave) is on wifi as my 2 blue node and they are found by Roon. But i have a third device (also a blue node) which is on ethernet. Everything is on the same router wifi and ethernet
My issue is that the one on ethernet is not found by Roon.
I don’t know if i am clear but i am french so my english is not perfect.
Thanks again

As already mentioned it’s likely that your WiFi and wired network are on two separate subnets on your network.This happens with a lot with the new mesh systems. Roon cannot navigate across subnets so this could be a reason why you only see the WiFi ones.

Check the ip address of your node 2 that is wired to one that is on the WiFi. If they are all on the same subnet then the first 3 groups numbers will be identical and only the last group will be different. If they are on different ones then the 3 set will be different and the last set.

If they are the in the same subnet then something else must be blocking discovery. So please list your network gear and how it is all connected and how all the audio kit is connected.

thanks for your advice. i check the ip address:
Imac mojave (the core) on Wifi: 192.168… found by Roon
Blue Node 2 on wifi : 192.168… found by Roon
Bule Node 2 on ethernet : 192.168… NOT found by Roon

So it seems that they are on the same subnet as they all start by 192.

My network gear:
Access provider router on fiber optic
Imac Mojave on wifi (Core and found)
2 blue Node 2 on Wifi (found by Roon)
1 blue Node 2 on Ethernet through a PLC plug, link to a Heed Abacus DAC + Classé amp. This is the one which is not found.

Thanks for your help

You need to have ALL the first 3 the same…ie 192.168.1.x and x is the variable on all devices

Why not use the offending BN2 on WiFi and see if that works

The offending BN 2 is not on wifi because it is a little bit far away from the router so the connection is poor. It is why i used one ethernet link through a PLC plug. it is working very well with the blue sound application, but it is not found by Roon although the Ip address are with the same digit 192.168…

Hi @Guy_Neuhaus,

Can you describe your current network topology (what networking hardware is used and how everything is connected)?

As a test, can you try temporarily using the missing device with WiFi? Are you able to see it in Roon?

Can you share the next section of the IP address for each? That part needs to be the same between them as well, as mentioned above.

At least i found the solution, the issue was that the ethernet blue node was not registered as a blue node, i change the name and now it is found by roon.
Thank you to everyone for your help.

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