EverSolo DMP-A6

While waiting for my pre ordered DMP-A6, I’ll open this thread.
It seems that this streamer is yet not Roon ready, but this should changed soon.
I’ll use it only as multichannel streamer through HDMI (it seems, that native DSD will not supported in the eversolo while playing with Roon) for PCM, dts and DD.


Where did you pre-order yours from? Difficult to find online

From EverSolo DMP-A6 Digital Media Player Streamer | Zidoo Deutschland

Today, they’ve shipped the streamer to me…

Reviews on YouTube suggests it is Roon Ready. What’s your source? I’m really interested in it but needs to support Roon.

My eversolo is not already here, but all users I know, tell me, that it’s working fine as Roon endpoint (also in multichannel, for which I’ve ordered it).

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Thanks. The multichannel DSD is a great addition. Enjoy when it comes.

Mine arrived Thursday. It wasn’t supposed to come until May 30. I won’t get to play with it until tomorrow night. Can’t wait

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I took the plunge and ordered from Audio Emotion in the UK as couldn’t see it anywhere else. Looking forward to it. Please report back with thoughts and opinions.

Reporting that the A6 is now up and running in my headphone setup. It shows up in Roon as a Zidoo Neo S, not an Eversolo DMP-A6. It took me a bit to realize that you need to tell it to output through the RCAs rather than the default XLRs. Otherwise, very straight forward. There is a lot of extra functionality to it but I only plan on using it for Roon as a wired endpoint. Sounds great so far.

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I got mine last week from Purite Audio here in the UK.

Brilliant device that I’m really enjoying so far. Mainly as a Roon endpoint but it also has the BBC Sounds app pre-installed which was one of the features that made me take the plunge.

This will replace my Matrix Audio Mini i-3 which needed a Pi/Allo DigiOne/LMS for Spotify/BBC Sounds duties.

Running on the desk in my home office using XLR out to a pair of Genelec studio monitors.

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Are you using the Apple Music app included with the player? I’m curious if it plays full fat HD streams from Apple.

Android app on DAPs does so no reason this wont they only release one app for Android. Wether you can control it from the devices screen well is a different issue.

Quick question, is the DMP-A6 a Roon Ready device or just a device running Roon Bridge? I ask because I don’t see the DMP-A6 as Roon Ready in the partners section.

Roon semi-ready… not yet fully through the Roon ready process but should be shortly.

Works flawlessly for me with my Roon Rock over a wired network connection.

I’m not but it’s the full fat Apple Music client for Android according to those who have tried it. The app has some settings to specify pulling the highest quality feed it can based on the tracks you are listening to.

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Sorry, this is confusing. A device is either Roon Ready or Not. If it is Not yet, it would show on Audio Devices with the warning that It’s NOT Roon Ready yet. Could you please post a screen capture showing your DMP-A6 on Audio Settings? Like this:

Sorry for asking but it happens that I’m considering this unit for another room in my house and I want the device to be Roon Ready.

Hi @Enrico_Castagnetti - it’s listed as Roon Ready although it’s seen initially as a Zidoo Neo S.

I assume that one Eversolo and Roon have completed the approval process, it will appear under its own title.

yes, shown as Zidoo Neo S and I hope, that we’ll get an update.
DSD through Roon and DMP-A6 connected with HDMI to my AV-Pre (Emotiva XMC-1) is not working (shows too many errors). Try now resampling to PCM in Roon.

The certification seems to be with the parent company Zidoo which is on Roon partners list.