Eversolo DMP-A8

I see there’s some threads specific to the ‘recently’ older DMP-A6 unit.

I have just ordered the A8 release.

I originally was leaning towards the A6 but lack of analog inputs and remote was keeping me from committing. Then it was only this morning that I saw the A8 existed and is already released into the wild. Lots of boxes ticked with this model.

A8 will be replacing an aged, yet still somewhat capable, Cambridge CXN (first gen) that I’ve had for something like 7 years. Streamer will connect to NAD C368 which has Bluesound module so audio comparisons inevitable. Will test out all the ROON functionality as well.

Hopefully will have the Eversolo early next week.


Eversolo BTR-12 Bluetooth Remote, for DMP-A6, DMP-A6 Master, Eversolo DMP serise Amazon.com

Remote is available for dmp a6 as a separate purchase. 12.00 USD Amazon.
Good luck with your new a8 , should be a great piece of kit.


Just read the review on Eversolo DMP-A8 Streaming Preamp Review | AVForums which include interesting comments on differences with A6 as well as use with Roon and Roon Readiness (not yet).

Seems a very nicely specced piece of kit regardless.

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Do you have any indication from Eversolo that they have applied for Roon Ready testing for this model?

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Congrats on your new purchase. Curious what your thoughts are going to be about this unit once you have it installed.

It is definitely a step up from the A6 in many ways and the A6 is no slouch and is impressive on it’s own.


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The coolest features of all? It’s Roon enabled! It can be used as a Roon endpoint together with a Roon core installed somewhere around the house, even if Roon Ready certification is still undergoing.



That just means Airplay.

Airplay is supported
Airplay 2 needs certification.
So does Roon Ready …

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They applied even before the unit launched, but I suppose there’s a long queue so we need to wait patiently.

The WiiM pro Plus has not even been certified yet, so yes it is going to be months Im sure. And then we have Harman involved so who knows.

Received the A8 yesterday, two days ahead of expected delivery time.

It took some fiddling but I got it all set up. I slapped in a 1TB NVME SSD for local playback of only the highest of high-res files. Overall the unit is indeed well-built and easy on the eyes in the media stand. I am fine with the 6" display.

Sound-wise, using analog out, it is fantastic for the room it’s in. Only thing I think is odd is there is no Volume Pass-Through for the XLR/RCA output. All other outputs have the option. Apparently the A6 has pass-through for its same output but I’m only basing off other comments on various A6 discussions. So I have to have the A8 volume dialed to max, then use the NAD volume as normal.

ROON sees the A8 as an endpoint but recognized as “other device” or something to that effect. Haven’t tried playing anything yet from ROON but that’ll be next in line of the listening trials.


That will be Airplay showing as other network device as it’s not Roon Tested for Airplay.

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Are you using subs? How are you connecting them?

I keep the single sub (old Martin Logan Dynamo 700) connected to the NAD’s pre-out.

After some experimenting I’ve now set things up so the Analog In source on the NAD is fixed volume @ 0 dB and use the A8 volume for listening levels. It’s truly pristine even when loud.

So you aren’t using the a8 as the preamp?

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Nope. Just using for DAC/Streamer in my current setup.

But otoh, does technically using the A8 volume control count as pre-amp?

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Anyone any luck with the A8 being Roon endpoint (other than airplay)?

It’s not been certified so no.

Good review of the A8.


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Please approve the Roon Endpoint for this device!