Evolved search in build 806

Build 806 claims it has evolved searching functionality, but I don’t think it works well…

For example, I have Bad Religion artist in my library and I’ve assigned heart icon to them.

I have theirs album True North also in my library, also granted a heart icon.

If I type True North in the search field to try to quickly access the album, I get:

No True North at all. It’s there if I click on ‘See all results’, but that kind of kills the point of doing a quick search.

Note that I have to be honest and I don’t know what were the results in previous Roon build, but I’m sure I would notice this - I was generally pleased with searching artists that I have in my library, although, there were problems with new albums which often didn’t appear in the search, but I was able to find them through the artist discography.


Hey @gmit2,

Thanks so much for the prompt feedback.

On the search results, the 6th line is True North as artist. Is this a different artist than the one in your library?

I’m taking your feedback to our team, but, in the meantime, could you please let us know if you can discover a similar behavior with other artists in your library? :nerd_face:

No, it’s the other way around - True North is the album name, while Bad Religion is the artist. :slight_smile:

I have tried again and now results seems to be perfect:

That is strange as I haven’t changed anything in my library since, nor I have even listened to that album today.

I have tried with other albums and at the moment I cannot experience the problem again, sorry.

Question: As an example, I have several versions of the Beatles “Revolver” in my local collection: if if put “revolver” into the search box, I get the right album listed at the top of the results.

So far, so good. But: I’ve grouped all the versions together as alternate versions of the same album so I see only one result in my library display. And I have a specific version marked as “primary”. So, why, when I click on the first search result for “revolver”, does it take me to a different version of the album, and not the page for the primary version?

Doesn’t it make sense for the version marked “primary” to be displayed as the default result when clicking on the search results?