Experience of a new user

Cisco 2960’s when set to factory default act as an unmanaged switch and are very good and plug and play. The problem is they are quite affordable compared to new on the used market but not always reset. Not sure about other managed switches.

Managed switches are called that for a reason. They require managing. If one doesn’t understand this basic principle stick to unmanaged. Once managed they are run perfectly and trouble free.


What else comes anywhere near what Roon does with a 300k library, all local? Not a single one, and I’ve tried them all.

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$12 unmanaged switch cos I’m a computer terd…

Never had a lick of trouble…touch wood!


This is true if you do not know what you are up against.
My network is very complex, but… Roon works like a charm.

That being said, problems with Roon are almost always due to networking issues.
A post on a network problem i had with an unmanaged switch.


All my connections are hard wired except for wireless to my iPad controller…my 2012 MAC Mini with dual SSD’s works great! it’s dedicated to Music only except for MotoGP viewing…

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Yes, but it lacks a Linux (remote) app.

That is the way an informed IT’er talks, perhaps. But Roon is (or should not be) aimed at IT; I should be aimed at music lovers. And from that point of view, there is a lot wrong with Roon, both with the product and with the support (and the way IT’ers provide the latter).

At his moment Roon (product and support) is only really acceptable for IT’ers with a love for music. The quoted comment shows why.

That said, Roon is still the least bad solution available at this moment, so we will have to live with it for the time being.

I totally disagree. I bought a Nucleus to avoid having to put a NUC together. I’m not great with IT.

The Nucleus, with an iPad Pro is a match made in heaven. So I’m NOT an ‘IT’er’. But I love music.
And Roon is perfect for me.


I have a Mac mini, homeplugs and the IT skills of an idiot.


Have to disagree I am afraid.
I could not IT my way out of a paper bag!
But I can read and follow instructions.

My observations from this forum is of many posters who apparently cannot.


It’s the man thing to not read instructions. Much to my annoyance the builder I recently used also doesn’t and fitted the door mechanism wrongly.


Wow, some seriously devouted Roon lovers here. That’s Ok. Everybody has the right to be wrong :thinking::joy:. Hopefully you can keep the faith when you run into trouble.Perhaps my comments make more sense in those circumstances.

On an (inappropriate?) side note: just whish that people all over Europe were as devouted to following covid rules and getting vaccinated as what is shown here towards Roon.


The knights of Roon fly in to defend its majesty against the non believers.

250k users can’t all be wrong ???


It’s all personal experience. I can only tell it as it is. No need to get sniffy if it doesn’t fit your brief.


I think my Roon experience will be like everyone else.
It has been frustrating at times, the lack of support when things go wrong is the biggest problem for me. A lot gets swept under the carpet if you ask me.

However I love Roon, I could not go without it now, I got the lifetime license. I think its the best money that I have EVER spent in this hobby. I would recommend it to everyone who loves music.


Have to be an odd person to hang around and offer support to other users if you didn’t like the product.


Not in the slightest.
Just personal experience here.
It just plain works, always has even through multiple HW changes and all Roon software updates.

Roon does not walk on water and get everything right and I will be the first to tell them where the issues lie( as I perceive them).
However still the best all round music solution for myself period.



And have to agree is currently the least bad solution for managing one digital music collection.