Export feature does not export ROONTRACKTAG for MP3 and MP4 tracks [Resolved]

using Roon’s export feature to create a new music file with Roon (custom) tags seems to work for FLAC tracks only:

Exporting a FLAC track that contains the ROONTRACKTAG works as described and expected but exporting tracks with ROONTRACKTAG does NOT work for MP3 and MP4 tracks. The latter files will NOT contain the ROONTRACKTAG !?, so I have to add this tag manually to the file exported by Roon…

Is this intended, i.e., a feature or is this a bug?

I’m running the latest Roon version on Windows 10…

I’ve moved this post across to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen by the Support team. It seems to me to be the best place to get a response from Roon Labs.

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mean: tags you’ve added within the Roon application?

I’m not sure if exporting those is supposed to work.

Yes, I mean tags I have created inside the Roon app. Such tags are exported using ‘ROONTRACKTAG’ as part of flac file meta data. But not for MP3 or MP4 files. It seems to work for FLAC files only…

It does export Album and File tags in Roon as part of the Exported File’s Tags. I assume that it is just leftover code from when Roon had the “file organizing option”.

Hi @KPB,

I’m not sure if MP3 files will support such tags, but I’ve passed a ticket over to our team to investigate further and I’ll be sure to follow up once I have their feedback. Thanks for the report!

Hi @dylan,
thanks for your investigations into this topic.
I have tried to add the ROONTRACKTAG manually to a MP3 file using dbpoweramp tag editor
integrates smoothly into Windows explorer 's “file settings dialog”) “ADD CUSTOM TAG” command and I was successful:

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Our latest release includes a number of changes to exporting including the ability to export non-library content, a new Soundiiz option, and a number of bug fixes. Please see our release notes for details: