Exported ALAC tags mangle non-ASCII characters on Windows[ticket open]

Hi! I’m on Windows 10, running Roon 1.5 build 323. When I export an album with non-ASCII characters in the metadata, those non-ASCII characters show up correctly in the filename, but they are mangled in the tags.

For example, when I export the album Gagner L’argent Français by Mamani Keïta, which I have in ALAC, the filename shows up correctly, but the tags show up like this:

It’s definitely trying to use Roon metadata for the mangled tags, because the original ALAC file in my library has un-mangled, and different, tags.

Looks like a character-encoding issue in the export-tagging process, obviously.

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Thanks for the report, @Joe_Gratz, we’ll try to reproduce this internally and then I’ll get back to you as soon as I have some consistent results.


Let me just add that this problem occurs on macos (Mojave) as well, example (MediaInfo output):

Top row: Roon exported data, bottom row: passed thru original metadata

Album/Performer               : Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo
Album/Performer/Sort          : Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo


Roon export:
Album/Performer : Святосла́в Теофи́лович Ð Ð¸ÌÑ Ñ‚ÐµÑ€

Original tag:
Album/Performer : Святосла́в Теофи́лович Ри́хтер

Interestingly, Roon displays the file tags correctly so it’s just something with the export routine.


Bump for this. Apparently the issue is still here 3 years later, and seems to only affect ALAC, not FLAC.