Fatal issue roon-remote iOS15 local Volume

When I start the roon-remote app, the volume of the iPhone (iOS 15) is set to full volume.
The only way to fix it is to close the app completely.
This is fatal because the full volume remains and when I listen to headphones it is damaging.
Please correct as soon as possible or provide a workaround.

For me it is simple. I disabled the functionality and be done with it. One of these comfort features that do more damage than good.

Hi thank you
but how do you do it? I have already deactivated the volume function (device function) on the phone, but it still does it. Which setting did you use? -Thank you
Greets Holger/ Hamburg

There is a ticket in for this. Sadly no updates from support which is disappointing.

Currently I am on a business trip in South America and I have no access to my system
Somewhere in Roon setting on the core you will find a button that enable a beta version of volume management. Disable it.
I think it is in the section where you manage extensions

Even if you disable it, it won’t change a thing. Once enabled, that’s it. No way back.

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Any update on this from Roon support?

When controlling a Roon endpoint with Fixed Volume set, my iOS volume jumps to 90% loudness when switching to another app.

Can this “feature” be permanently disabled once a user has configured it? It would be logical for the iOS volume to be unaffected when controlling a Fixed Vilume endpoint, but that is not the case.