Feature Request Restart Roon Core Button in Config Menu

Since there is a lot of instability in the Roon Core (in Combination with QNAP and LINN DS)

I want to have a restart Button in the Roon Config Menu just beside the disconnect Button.

I don’t want to reboot the whole nas just because of Roon Problems.

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Welcome to the forum, @Thomas_Koch1!

This isn’t normal behaviour, so you may want to open a thread under #support to look into the stability issues. On my Ubuntu server Roon runs for weeks or months without need for a restart.

However, you should be able to stop/ restart Roon on the QNAP using the init.d script. For example, issue the following command from an ssh session.

/etc/init.d/roonserver restart

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Hello Martin,

thank you for your fast workarround.

I opt for the restart button because I just dont want to do IT tasks when i want to listen to music.

If I have time I will discuss the issues with Linn Streaming since the new roon release in the support section.

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The stability of roon drop (for me) after the last upgrade. I used the simple method to restart core on my QNAP - shut it down - and it isn’t the right way
I like to find restart button in user interface of roon core
Better way will be to improve the stability of roon core!
You can’t recomend music enthusiast to log in to linux server and type horrible command line!
Best Eduard

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I also wish a simple “Rerun” button in the menu (the UI of Qobuz knows such an option). I must close and reopen my Roon Core (v.1.8) often to repair the recognition of my audio outputs.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, this is not a solution to the problem–at best it is a workaround. The solution is to resolve the issue of dropped zones by posting a request in #support.

Roon did not want to connect to my KEFs anymore via KEF native streaming. It only worked with ApplePlay so I figured a restart of the Roon server on my QNAP could help. Restarting the QNAP itself wasn’t an option due to connected users.

I connected with SSH to my QNAP and issued

/etc/init.d/RoonServer.sh restart

which outputs some messages and restarts the roon service. I really wish there was a button in the UI on the QNAP to do just that or have a way to restart it from the apps.