Fidelizer Support Thread

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #224

That’s correct. For Free and Plus version, you need to run Fidelizer again to re-activate the optimizations. Pro version will work as part of system without running again or you can opt-out to behave like Free and Plus version with more optimizations too.


(scott gilberthorpe) #225

Thanks for that, will see how I get on tonight.
That’s good to know because wasn’t sure how it affected my laptop at other times of use.
Thanks again

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #226

With pleasure and happy listening. :slight_smile:


(Jason P) #227

Have 2 licenses for fidelizer.Have not received updated version 7.10 for either license ?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #228

Please inform me Fidelizer’s customer name in private message or email and I’ll resend it. I had network reliability issues during delivery and I’ve changed my network adapter card today. :slight_smile:


(Keetakawee Punpeng) #229

Since AudiophileOptimizer’s default shell issue detected, I’ve been struggling to make a proper resolution for a long while and now I came up with a proper fix now. Fidelizer will detect default shell first and it won’t register itself if AudiophileOptimizer registers Fidelizer as default shell before.

I also improve audio performance with normal Windows audio engine such as audiodg.exe (which will be used with system DSP effects), some ASIO host controllers and add Dante/Merging compatibility so their networked audio technology will be fully compatible with Fidelizer.

By the way, I’m adding Chord Mojo into Fidelizer Mod project section now. If you’re looking for a fine DAC to use with Fidelizer software, you may consider Fidelizer Mod products or send me inquiry about modding others. I also modified Chord Hugo TT and a few highend DACs too. :slight_smile:

Changelog for version 7.10

-Fixed audio performance issues with system defaut audio output with DSP on higher user levels
-Improved compatibility with NADAC, Dante/RedNet and ASIO host software

-Fixed audio performance issues with system defaut audio output with DSP on higher user levels
-Improved compatibility with NADAC, Dante/RedNet and ASIO host software

-Fixed audio performance issues with system defaut audio output with DSP on higher user levels
-Fixed startup optimizations to not register if detect Fidelizer as AudioPhileOptimizer’s default shell
-Improved compatibility with NADAC, Dante/RedNet and ASIO host software

Download: Fidelizer 7.10
Upgrade: Fidelizer Upgrade Program

Fidelizer Plus/Pro users should be received a mail about update and download link by now. If you somehow didn’t receive an update notification as I received some delivery failure message too, please contact me for an update with your customer data to verify.

Since we have over 2,500 licenses now so we can’t deliver all licenses in a single day with 1,000 sending limit per day. We made some changes to delivery platform to slowly send software update to customers. I also noticed some customers have yet to provide fidelizer.key data after asking a few times so please contact me back.

(JC) #230

unfortunately i have to uninstall fidelizer…but i cannot find the program on my computer.
…can you please offer some suggestions where to look…i opened programs, typed in fidelizer, but nothing shows.

(Jason P) #231

Can you see it running in the task Manager.If you can right click on it and go to file loacation

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #232

You can open Fidelizer Pro software and click Uninstall button. It’s self contained uninstaller. You can also use separated uninstaller from here.

(JC) #233

that uinstaller has been a nightmare!..caused my computer to crash twice and i had to reset it both times.
both times after uninstalling and trying to reboot i got ‘’ :frowning: PC ran into a problem…we need to shut down’’
‘inaccessible boot device…repair, diagnose, reset pc’
2 hrs to reload stuff back on.

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #234

It sounds your HDD is crashing rather than the uninstaller itself. All it did was removing tweaks I added and change values back to system defaults. That can’t affect inaccessible boot device.

I recommend you to perform HDD health check up and make sure you have healthy drive before losing your important data. I changed my hard drive every 2-3 years and make backup every 3 months to make sure I won’t miss important data.


(JC) #235

whatever…but as noted it only happened (twice now) when uninstalling your system

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #236

Have you changed your HDD after this happened? Fidelizer can’t repair aging hardware.


(Jan Stroeher) #237

Hi Keetakawee,

I bought Fidelizer 8 pro maybe 2 weeks ago. I have a somewhat complicated setup and i have no idea how to use Fidelizer if it at all is possible.

I am using roon server which delivers via HQPlayer ( using Acourate ASIO ) to Acourate Convoler. Convoler generates the network for my active horn speakers and does room correction. The result is sent to a Merging Hapi Ravenna network DAC using Merging ASIO over Ethernet.

Which settings for Fidelizer should I try if it is possible at all. And which programs should be started before Fidelizer? I have abolutely no clue.

I fear to experiment with Fidelizer pro because i have no idea how to disable Fidelizer‘s optimizations once they are applied. Unfortunately the documentation for your product is the worst that I ever experienced considering the fact that there is not a single line on Pro version specific behavior. So I hope that you will help here.


(Keetakawee Punpeng) #238

From what I understand your PC will stream audio through network with ASIO driver so I suggest to use “Streamer” audio profile for optimal networked audio transport.

User Guide included was meant to be for free version and later added some scanerios for Pro examples. To read about Fidelizer in details, please read this page in Support section.


(Sucheta Mazumdar) #239

Not sure why Fidelizer is a 32-bit program. Since it’s meant to be used on 64-bit machines wouldn’t a 64-bit program have more processing power?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #240

Fidelizer doesn’t need high processing power for optimizations. 32-bit is suffice and it’s fully compatible with 64-bit OS so you won’t miss anything with 32-bit app version. :slight_smile:


(Paul Kwan) #241

Hi I’m considering to build a new Roon server, with NUC & Fidelizer.
Will win10 pro have better optimization and SQ over win10 home ?
Btw, will win server 2016 even better? If I want to use HQP on it, I suppose I can’t use the core mode right ?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #242

Choosing Windows 10 Home or Pro version won’t impact sound quality as much as Windows 10 updates itself. I prefer Windows 10 Threshold lineup over Redstone lineup.

Windows Server 2016 has improved kernel with better sound quality according to most people reports. I recommend to consult with Mr. Phil from AudiophileOptimizer about using HQPlayer in Windows Server 2016 Core mode.

Personally, I prefer 32-bit OS over 64-bit so I’m staying with Windows 10 32-bit for my own server with Nimitra optimizations. :slight_smile:


(Ron Cagenello) #243

Can you run Roon core on Nimitra so it can be both core and endpoint, like on the innuos server? That would be great, could put it next to DAC and not need an additional computer and be done with it! Thanks, Ron