Files (wav) did vanish from Roon after renaming :-|

Renamed a few files (without changing filepath) and… all went fine
So I renamed a few more but this time… they vanished from Roon :confused:

Forced a rescan, cleaned the Library, forced again a rescan to no avail.
Had a look in “Skipped Files” and… all are there marked with a “I/O Failure” error :cold_sweat:

I am not sure about the error but when I ran into the issue of Roon not adding songs to my library I would have to rename the folder. Once Roon picks up the album I just rename it back. Weird but it works for me.

by folder you mean the album or the one Roon is watching?

Edit: oh… wait… just rebooted the Mac which runs Roon Core (it auto-turns off every night) and… all files are back :slight_smile:

Weird as I also tried quitting/relaunching Roon, yesterday, to no avail :confused: