Final understanding of Migration

The problem is I will be using the same PC that was the Core when I log on to my NAS for the first time.
If I delete the database folder does that also stop the PC being seen as a core? Or:

  1. When I have backed up the PC can I somehow “log off” from the Core?
  2. Should I un-install Roon on the PC and only install Roon Remote?
    3.Do I have to go into settings and I will see two cores and select the one I now want?
    I just want to make sure I am prompted to log on / restore database when I fire up. I suppose if their are two machines asking to be a core, maybe that is enough to trigger the prompt. But this is the final step I need to get my head around.

#1 is not necessary or really even possible, unless you mean ‘unauthoize’.

For #2, Roon (i.e. Roon, not RoonServer) contains the Remote. No need to uninstall/reinstall it.

Mostly yes to #3.
When you start up Roon on your new machine unauthorize Roon Core on the old machine and authorize it on the new machine. To have the most current Roon library do a Restore to your new machine. You won’t be prompted for a Restore.

Don’t worry, be happy. As long as you have done a Roon Backup, you can’t permanently hurt anything.

Not sure what you mean. Do a Roon Backup from Settings==>Backup. Only Roon backups of the library will ensure a successful Restore. Do not use any other software to backup Roon library.

BTW - Your thread seem to start in the middle of some prior posts, so I am assuming you have read the Roon KB article on now to migrate Roon to another machine.

Also, it seems you are migrating to a NAS? If so, see this post -

I started a new post after I had read some of the migration notes.
Your reply (and link) have given me a better understanding.
I meant “Roon backup” on my PC. So you are right, I will not loose anything. But things go smoother if you know how to push things in the right direction.
I think the clear thing is to load up the files in the new NAS before firing up Roon.
NAS will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully it will all go smooth and I won’t be troubling you some more!

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Following your info I think I understand better. When you say “deauthorise”, I can see I can disconnect the core (I had missed this earlier). And also logout…so I can take the PC right back to the beginning, which is where I was struggling.
Does it even matter where I plug the back-up in when I restore to the new Core? In the NAS or in the PC? They are both on the wi-fi network (I am still worrying aren’t I)!

Hi @Michael_Brooks,

You should try to use Ethernet for your NAS and Core if possible, that will ensure a smoother experience, see Networking Best Practices Guide.

Are you trying to load up RoonServer on the NAS to run the Roon Core? What kind of NAS are you getting, does it meet our Minimum Requirements?

All went well…I can listen to music (and control from my PC now acting as a remote only). But…I can’t find my restore file. When I go to backup and select restore it only shows Dropbox and I can’t search for the Roon Backup folder on my HDD (Plugged into the NAS or the PC).
The NAS is an Innuos Zen Mini MK3 wired to to router.

Hi @Michael_Brooks,

That is not a NAS, but rather your new Roon Core Server. NAS refers to Network Attached Storage, like QNAP or Synology.

I don’t believe the Zen supports local storage from what I recall, just audio devices via those ports, so you’ll want to set up a Windows Network Share and restore via that way:

And then you can use our Add Folders By Path Guide to add it as a storage location.

The Zen has 3 folders on the network (Add Music, Music and Quarrantine). When I plug in the HDD it does not show (but it is available as I downloaded my music from an HDD using the Zen software).
So I plugged the HDD into the PC and shared the folder as above. I pasted the link (\DESKTOP-UQT8PA5\RoonBackups) and pasted it into the Network Share box in the Settings - Roon Backups - Browse section. It told me: Unexpected error: UnexpectedError.
So I am not there yet. Appreciate your patience and perseverance

Hi @Michael_Brooks,

Can you please share a screenshot of what you entered in Roon? Did you make sure to include your Windows username + password so that you can access the share? In case this helps, please also review our Add Folders By Path guide.

I do not think anything is password protected, but I still got the same result

Don’t understand how you are specifying the storage location.

Why this -

Doesn’t seem like that will work.

If you are doing backups of the files on the Innuos device, shouldn’t you be specifying that in the Innuos software rather than in Roon?


i followed your instructions to share the backup folder on the HDD. This is the link it provides.
Really I just want to browse. That is how I selected the location to make the backup. But it only has the dropbox option.
I can back up the music using the Zen software, but I want to restore my Roon playlists.

Not sure what you mean by this.

If you want to restore a previously backed up library, then you want to use Settings==>Backups==>Find Backups.

A restore will restore everything, not just your playlists.

Is that what you want?

Hi @xxx,

The issue here is that @Michael_Brooks has the backup on his Windows PC and the Innuous doesn’t seem to support USB storage to restore from.

@Michael_Brooks - You are using an incorrect path, I would try one of the paths specified under Add Folders By Path guide:


Also, make sure that is indeed the correct username, as often I’ve seen user names have no space (not sure if you can even create a user with spaces on Windows).

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That sorted it guys.
I had typed that link earlier, but without the password. With both together it worked (funny that).
I was 95% there. Your perseverance got me over the line.
Now the migration is complete. I won’t bother you again on this subject!


Fantastic news @Michael_Brooks!
If you run into any other Roon issues, just let us know!

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