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I just received the Nucleus so that I can eliminate the Mac from the chain. The setup instructions are terrible, as are the help articles.

I had to have the Nucleus find my NAS server. On my Mac, the pathway for the Network Share location is \\wdmycloudmirror\public' But when I sign out of the Roon core on the Mac; deactivate the core because I can only have one core, and then put the same location into the new core for the Nucleus, I receive the error message,

There was an unexpected error:UnexpectedError.

Twice I have reversed the process, reinstalled the core on my Mac, used the same Network Share Location, and it works on the Mac. Shouldn’t the Network Share Location be the same whether I am on a Mac or on the Nucleus?

BTW, I do have Tidal up and running, although the Nucleus does not see any of my audio devices. The Mac sees all of them.

Thanks for any insight.
Jack B. Siegel


Try this:


Maybe you want to add some details about your audio devices?

Adding details may help in general. Read also:

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