Fire HD10 finding the Roon Core

Roon Remote on the HD10 has been inconsistently finding the core. It finds it one week and then cannot for weeks again.

The core resides in a QNAP TS-1685, Xeon D-1521 and 32GB RAM with (12) 10TB drives and (4) 2TB Samsung SSDs.
RoonServer is in a RAID 10 with the (4) 2TB SSDs as are all Music files.
Running the v1.5 build 323 64-bit.

Fire HD10 is also running the latest version of Roon 1.5 build 323.

I have tried the side loaded method and also installing Google Play for easier download.

Both have issues in regards to ALWAYS working.

The iPAD will always connect. Using the same Wi-Fi network et al.

Does anyone have any ideas why the connection to the core is so intermittent?

Hey @rpadole — Thank you for sharing your report with us!

To start, may I kindly ask that you verify the following:

  • Do there appear to be any patterns in when the HD10 has trouble connecting? Are there other apps running? How much memory is available?
  • When you’re having issues connecting, have you verified you are still connected to WiFi?
  • Are there any firewalls or antivirus software on the Core machine that could be blocking a connection? Try disabling these and see if the experience improves.
  • It may seem elementary, but have you tried power cycling your Core machine, remote device, and any networking hardware? A reboot can often yield positive results.


I’ve also had the same issue with my hd8. Using an i5 nuc with RPi running Volumio as the end point.

The HD10 is setup to be a Roon only remote. Therefore, I have taken the time to remove all unnecessary applications and processes.

Always connected to Wi-Fi. No issues there.
Same Wi-Fi as the iPAD that has 100% connection day in and day out.

Anti-Virus is not on the HD10.

The Core machine is a Qnap with no anti-virus running on it. Memory is more than enough for Roon.

I did start and stop the Core Roon. At that point the HD10 will connect.
But a few days later the same issues occur.

And yes reboots of the Qnap have been done. 50/50 that they work.

Thanks for the info, @rpadole!

May I ask that you give me a bit more information on your networking setup? What kind of router do you use? Any switches? Does your Core have a wired connection to the router?

Has this behavior always occurred with this device? Or is it something that recently started happening?


Having the same issue, but didn’t see this and started a new thread…my apologies!

Hi, my Core is found by all my PC’s and iOS devices, but not by my FireHD. Any ideas? I have tried restarting the FireHD and also entering the ip address of the Core, but without success. Thanks! The FireHD has internet access and apps like Sonos, and Firefox work fine.

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Hey @hammer — I moved your post to this thread so we can take a look at both of these in one spot. Having similar topics in one thread is best option to ensure that all of the information is in one place to help others find what they need in the future!

To start, may I kindly ask that you please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

May I also ask for you to please verify the following:

  • Has this always occurred for this device? Or is this a new occurrence?
  • Have you tried power cycling your Core machine, remote device, and networking hardware?
  • Is there any antivirus software or firewall you could try disabling?


Interestingly, I’m finding that the fire hd8 can find it after rebooting the core, but once it starts to struggle it had issues and eventually refused to connect, even manually adding the ip. At the same time, my Galaxy Tab A usually connects without any issues.

I’m using Roon added via the play store.

I am also unable to connect to my Roon Core with the Kindle app on my Fire HD 10.

I used to be able to connect via the Google Play hack. Now that won’t connect either.
I had not attempted to use Roon on the Kindle Fire for several months, since before Roon 1.6.

Will not connect even using IP address

Core: Mac Mini 2018, 16gb ram
Wifi: Eero
Core connects consistently with other Macs and iOS devices
Library is on a Drobo 5N2, connected via ethernet to Mac Mini running Core.

After extensive review, the issue with Android and connectivity to the Roon Core, came down to the access point (wi-fi) network being used. In my environment I have more than one Wi-Fi network running from multiple manufacturers. The Netgear Orbi system via Fire HD10 would not find the core. But a Ruckus or Ubiquiti system could find the core, regardless of Android/Amazon tablet.

A few months later Netgear Orbi updated their firmware which resolved the connectivity issues for all Amazon tablets I had. FYI - Roon was installed via the Play Store not the recent Amazon Marketplace module. That probably does not matter, but just wanted to be clear.

Core: Qnap TS-1685
Wi-Fi - Netgear Orbi, Ruckus T710, Ubiquiti Unifi AC MESH,
End Points: Northwest Falcon Tiki, iPad Pro and Air, Fire HD10, Razer Blade Pro 17