Focus changes - need to scroll back to the top as tapping Focus does nothing

I don’t know if this is supposed to be like this or I am missing something - found no other thread about it:

  1. In album overview and selecting some Focus
  2. Scrolling down through the Focus results
  3. Decide to change the Focus criteria. Do I really have to scroll all the way back up to the top?

In a long Focus result, scrolling back up is pretty annoying in particular on mobile, so am I missing a better way?

EDIT: Confirmed on Samsung Tablets: tapping Focus after scrolling down in results does NOT open the Focus selection panel. (Does on Android phones). Details in following posts.


What mobile are you using? On my Sony Xperia XZ2 compact the line with focus is always there.

Thanks. I see now! On my Motorola G8 Power (2020) with vanilla Android 10, this works: Touching the
“Focus” in the Focus line on top makes the Focus panel visible, regardless of where I scrolled to in the results. I had never tried this on the phone.

The issue is on my Samsung Tablet, a Galaxy A 10.1 (2019), also with Android 10. There, touching the result of “Focus” is only that it scrolls up one or two album rows. The Focus selection panel does not become visible.

Might be a general tablet Roon issue or a Samsung issue.

Ahh, I see that too on my Samsung tab s2.

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Thanks. Should I move this to the support category?

I’ve moved it over, let’s get @support take on it.

Thanks, I edited title and OP to clarify


Come to think of it: On Windows, the behavior differs from he phone behavior, too.

When clicking the “Focus” again to change the criteria after you already scrolled down in the focus results, it scrolls back to the top and then displays the Focus panel. This may be intended but seems sub-optimal as I then need to scroll back down once again after changing the focus criteria; though at least his is quickly done by keyboard on Windows.

A nicer one would be to overlay the Focus panel and then, after a criteria change, scroll automatically back to the somewhat same spot. I.e., let’s say I focused on 1980ies and scrolled to M, then change my mind, click “Focus” again and switch to 1970ies. It might then ideally show M again. (On phone, it does overlay the panel but then the Focus results of course change completely when you change the criteria and this drops you in a completely different place in the album overview)

Fixed for me with 1.8 build 806 on Samsung Tablet Galaxy A 10.1 (2019), Android 10. Thank you.

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