Focus: Inspector screen not closing [Solved]

Randomly (happening now) the Focus screen only shows up to Performer Types and nothing past that. Sometimes, if I restart the client it will reappear but I am unable to resolve it at this time.

Also - if I click on “Inspector” I am unable to click out of it. Seems to a UI bug in the latest release.

Has “recently added” been removed? Can’t seem to find it anymore.

Hi narkotic,

Can you describe your system as per this post ?

One of the devs will see your post on their usual rounds of the Support forum and with that information they will be able to investigate further.

Roon Version : 1.1 Build 65

Operating System : Head End / Windows 7. Client / OSX 10.11.

Basic Info : Head End - Mac Mini (used Bootcamp for Windows install). 8GB RAM. 40GB SSD. Client - Macbook Air (2011) i7, 8GB RAM.

Music is stored on a server using Server 2012 with several drives configured in RAID 5.

Well - I feel dumb. Ends up those extra options only show when one has “Albums” selected, and not “Artists”.

Still an issue with the sticking menu. To get out I just shut down and re-open roon.

No probs Narkotic :smile:

With the sticking Inspector screen, I understand that clicking on the screen outside the Inspector window isn’t clearing it ?

Correct. Usually clicking outside of the window clears it, but that doesn’t happen.

Hello @narkotic, we know that it is hard to close Inspector and Format popup, this issue is already fixed and will be released with the next build.

A workaround for now is to click outside the focus area when you want to close Inspector or Format popup.