Focus logical operator changed in 1.8 from "OR" to "AND"

I’m following up on Dylan’s offer to help resolve the issues that are making 1.8 such an difficult experience for me. Starting first with the revised Focus function.

Focus now works differently in 1.8. One of the changes made was to the logical operator of the Focus query statement when multiple artists are added to the focus. In 1.7 these multiple artist names were treated as an “OR” statement (add all tracks where A, B or C are associated). Now they are treated as an “AND” statement (add only tracks where artist A, B & C are associated with it). This means that only tracks where all the artists listed are associated with the tracks appear. This also applies to when multiple genres are desired to be added to the Focus.

As a result of these many bookmarks that I created in 1.7 no longer function.

Making the Focus work with an “AND” statement is fine. Perhaps some people had requested it. But don’t take away the “OR” statement functionality to accomplish it. Coding for this is just a basic programming function. Taking functionality away that users have grown to depended on is not a good way to improve software IMHO.

Bit late to the party, just hang on:

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Hey @RoonUser,

Thanks so much for sharing your perspective on the way the Focus feature was changed in Roon 1.8.

I appreciate you hanging in there while we worked on this. You should now be able to enjoy both the OR and the AND logic for Focus:

I am going to close this thread, but, should anything else come up, please, don’t hesitate to create a new one.

Thanks @BlackJack for sharing that thread - it’s where all this is discussed.