Folder detection - album name displayed as artist+album/Unknown Artist


I’m on OS X and see odd behavior with regards to how album names are being determined based on folder structure. For example this path:

/Users/randy/Music/records/Miles Davis/Workin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet [Esquire - RVG]

With these files:


Shows up as:

Workin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet
Miles Davis

Whereas this path:

/Users/randy/Music/records/Miles Davis/Collectors’ Items

With these files:

Untitled 2.tiff
Untitled 3.tiff
Untitled 4.tiff
Untitled 5.tiff
Untitled 6.tiff
Untitled 7.tiff
Untitled 8.tiff

Instead ends up being detected as:

Miles Davis - Collectors’ Items
Unknown Artist

Note that both albums are in the same ‘artist’ folder. I can’t see why one is detected properly and the other is not.

Is there any debug output, etc. to see what happens when Roon scans the folder tree?


what does the metadata in the file tags look like? Since using Roon I have had to do a lot of cleaning up of bad or incomplete tag data to get everything looking as it should.

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@Randall_Trowbridge, from within Roon you can inspect the embedded metadata for a particular track by doing the following:

Long press/ctrl-click on the track and then click on the “three dots” item in the bar that appears. Select “View File Info…” from the pop-up menu. In the resultant dialog, select “File Tags.”

That screen displays attribute data in general, but it doesn’t specify whether it came from tags. I use xACT to edit tags:

There is no embedded metadata/tags in either case.

Previously I was using Audirvana which can determine Artist/Album from the folder/directory structure, without metadata and I am under the impression Roon can do this as well and that it is doing it in the first case and not the second.


this thread is worth a read:

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