Format for date tags and Roon's display behaviour

For vorbis comments (FLAC files), the standard format for any date tags (DATE, ORIGINALDATE) follow the ISO 8601 standard: YYYY-MM-DD, shortened to just YYYY-MM or simply YYYY.

However, when I use ORIGINALDATE=1960-06, Roon will display 1 June 1960 (instead of simply June 1960).

I can fix this in Roon by doing an edit:

WIth this edit, Roon will display June 1960 (instead of the annoying 1 June 1960):

So my question is:

Can Roon be fixed to display YYYY-MM date formats simply as (Month Year). Having to edit the dates in Roon is annoying, since I have a lot of files where the date is specified as YYYY-MM.

Thank you.

Currently, one has to manually correct the imported data.


Thank you for that link @anon47919701. I missed that there was a ticket in on this. Much appreciated!

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The ticket is from August 2019. It must be getting bumped continuously to the bottom of the priority queue. Anyway to ensure that it eventually gets to the top?

I also have a ticket in the queue from 2019: