Formation Wedge Impressions

My Wedge was delivered today and I wanted to give some quick impressions since there isn’t much content on the formation range yet. I didn’t have much time with it yet but so far I’m quite happy, so much so that I already ordered a Flex for my bathroom. I’m also receiving the Mu-so Qb 2nd gen later this week so I’ll have something appropriate to compare against shortly.

I don’t have much in terms of audio impressions at this point but I’m happy with what I heard, this will be in my bedroom where I was using a cheap bluetooth speaker previously so no point in a comparison.

Please let me know if there is anything anyone would like me to try

-It’s a roon ready device so setup is requires no effort. You get the speaker on your home network and it’ll be available as an audio source in roon
-This is my first true roon ready playback device (I’ve used a variety of raspberry pi hats over the years) so the simplification is nice. I also have the LS50 wireless and the limited roon compatibility is a bummer, guess I’ll keep a pi connected to it. I was considering the LSX for my office desk but the limited roon is a flaw I cannot unsee now.

-It feels very well built, the wood panel on the rear is exquisite
-Airplay 2 works without any fuss. Get the speaker on your network and it’s ready to be selected as a playback device. Airplay 2 and Roon are my ideal playback sources so I’m glad both work well here.
-The mobile application (ios) is very simplistic in its functionality at the moment (setup, firmware upgrades, basic tone ). I typically don’t use the speaker apps to control playback so I’m treating this as a positive.
-Before purchasing I bemoaned the lack of IR and was not looking forward to using an app to change inputs but the auto input switching is very impressive. Note that there does not seem to be a way to manually select inputs (app or otherwise) it all is done automatically. The performance of the auto switching convinced me to get the Flex for my bathroom.


Cheers for that George_R - how does it sound in general?

I’m not yet a Roon user but considering it and will attempt a trial in the next week or two when I sort a few things on an old Mac Mini. Alongside getting Roon I’ve been looking at some new speakers to use in my front room as my soundbar is great for movies + tv but really lacking with music (almost no mids and poor eq options).

You’ve mentioned 3 of my 4 current considerations; 2x B&W Flex, Naim Qb, 2 x HomePods or the Wedge. If you could follow up with how the others sound in comparison that would be appreciated! Like you say, there’s not so much content on the Wedge or the Flex so it’s difficult to gauge what they’re like. I’m slightly discouraged by some of the reviews of the Naim iOS app and the issues people have and it’s my main fear for getting speakers like these but I don’t have much space to play with in the location I’ll be using.

Living in a flat with close neighbours above, below + beside, I do most my listening at low volumes so clarity is much more important than bass or oomph - I think the B&W’s might be perfect for it, so interested to hear what you think of them in that case.

I’m going to listen to them in store this weekend but it’s not quite the same as being in the place it will actually live and also harder to judge teh setup and issues without trialing properly.

Thanks again.


Hello Steve,

The lack of real world accounts on here or otherwise made me hesitant and I also purposefully avoided listening to it in person since the experience doesn’t always translate to the home environment. I can easily say that I am very happy with the speaker so far though. Based on what you’re describing I think the Wedge might fit a lot of your needs. Clarity is excellent and the sound profile is suitable for your environment, it is capable of all this at low volumes since we have similar circumstances. The bass is not overpowering and shouldn’t rattle your neighbors. I’m also in an apartment with neighbors on all sides/orientations so those were all things I had to consider as well. The mobile application is easily the best between B&W/KEF/NAIM (no hoops to jump through for setup) the recent architecture of the platform shows in the results.

I have the speaker in my bedroom and I think it is a great fit. The lack of connectivity options and focus on digital controls might be a challenge to use with movies + tv but it sounds like you’re happy with your soundbar so it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think you could go wrong with the Wedge as your choice.

I received the QB2 yesterday and will create a separate thread for that one once I have more time with it, based on my short experience I would lean with the Wedge. The QB is great but the simplicity of the formation platform and how it “just works” gives it the edge for me. I’ll be getting the Flex by the weekend and should be able to run at higher volumes over the weekend so I’ll report back once I have had more time with everything.

a few more impressions

I am very happy with the sound properties so far. The clarity is stellar, highs/mids/lows are all presented cleanly and accurately. There is only so much that is physicially possible in terms of low frequencies but it’s adequate for a speaker this size, you tend to hear the bass but don’t feel it at all times. For all the DSP wizardry and unique shape it’s still a single speaker so you will not achieve true stereo but it does a very good job of filling the room with sound. I’m still in the discovery phase but I’ve heard enough to know that I’ll be very happy with it in my environment.

Initial Setup/Mobile App
Out of the box setup and connecting to a wireless network is the best experience I’ve seen so far on these networked audio devices. The connection was successful on the first try without having to power cycle or factory reset the speaker, I’ved not experienced a setup this easy with other devices. The simplicity of the mobile application is still a positive in my use case. I’m used to controlling playback via a smartphone/tablet (either through roon or apple music) so this fits perfectly with that. I am still very impressed with the auto input switching, this might become my preffered style of device for secondary type listening zones. If you’re ok with the fully digital apporach then it’s great but if you’re looking to control the speaker through IR or tweak a multitude of audio properties/settings then you might struggle.

Wireless Performance
Between the Wedge, QB 2 and LS50W the Wedge appears to have the best wireless performance. I would imagine the newer architecture is instrumental here as well since the Wedge is approaching the wireless consistency of a modern smart phone. For the past 48 hours transmit/receive connection rates have consistently been near my theorical max with very little variation over time. The real world experience has been flawless so far with no dropouts or hiccups of any kind. An ethernet port is also available if that is desired but in 2019 we should be able to expect good wireless performance from our devices.


Thanks for the extra review George - I liked the sound of it at the weekend too, I’m still debating on getting two Flexes in stereo or the 2nd Gen Naim Qb, I might wait until Black Friday and see if any deals come up for either of those. Will keep an eye out for your thoughts on the Qb.


@George_R , thank you for sharing your impressions!

May I ask what made you decide for a Wedge instead of two Flex? The Wedge looks much nicer, but I imagine the stereo separation that can be achieved by placing two Flex farther away would be better.

Or maybe the advantage of the Flex is that, on the other hand, you get a more consistent listening experience even when you are not exactly in the ‘sweet spot’.

I’m approaching these as secondary “environmental” speakers so true stereo didn’t end up factoring into my requirements. At the time I was not certain if the Formation range would work well and I figured the Wedge with its bigger/“louder” three way design would be more versatile in multiple areas. I ended up getting two of each of the Wedge/Flex/Naim QB2 and I’m very happy with all them, I use them in locations like kitchen/office desk/bedroom/bathroom/closet/etc.

I’ve not tried to stereo pair the Flex (I have them in separate areas) but I did have a slight interest in pairing the Wedge together but it appears like it’s not possible currently. I would imagine it’s an arbitrary decision rather than a technical limitation but to me it does a good job illustrating some of the current quirks in the formation range. In fairness the quick start guide does not state that pairing two Wedges is possible so it’s my mistake for not reading it

Hi there, checking if anyone has paired the Wedge with the Formation Bass? I’m considering that as a new system and would appreciate any first-hand experience on the sound and the integration of the two units.

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Thank you, George. An excellent review that led me to get the Wedge. Should arrive in a couple of days. Sound and simplicity based on your review (and others) tipped the scale… so much appreciated.

Also curious on this, haven’t heard the bass unit but it appears like there are good reviews for it. Please let us know if you end up getting it or even if you just find more commentary on it elsewhere.

Glad to hear my random commentary helped Matt.

Even now there really isn’t too much real world content on the Formation range which can make purchasing a challenge. Other than Alexa voice control there hasn’t been any new functionality introduced so most of my notes should still be current.

Still very happy with my Wedge and would look forward to hearing your thoughts once you have yours.

Have a good one

I’ll share my reactions next week. Thanks again, George!

That is the setup I have now. I initially started with the Wedge alone. But I have some classical music which really benefitted from adding the Bass. There are a few low pipe organ notes the Wedge almost hits but not quite. Other than those what I find is, it is more about presence of the bass notes than actually hitting them. The Wedge does a surprisingly good job in the low end. But with the added Bass you get more of a sense of a large bass drum or pipe organ. It’s also a killer combination for electronic music. At nearly a grand it’s not a must have but if you’re looking for fantastic reproduction of almost everything it’s a great combo.

Regarding setup and integration, it couldn’t be easier and more seamless. You power it up. Add it to a Formation Zone. Tweak the gain to your preference (mine is +1) and you’re off to the races. I haven’t experienced any delays or network issues. Sometimes it takes a while for the whole setup to appear in the B&W app. But Roon always sees it and streams flawlessly.

Exactly the feedback I was looking for Douglas, thanks for sharing!

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Glad to assist. I have a thread where I’m giving impressions of my overall setup and plans for expanding my system. You might find the notes worth reading. Let me know how my impressions match up with your own.

Me lol
Also have a bar and 2x flex
All are good on there own but the bass adds even more. Very subtle but makes a difference.

If that is your phone number in your username then I think you are asking for trouble…

Hello all,

I am thinking of buying the wedge and I was wondering if any of you have an updated impressions about it. I am wondering about the sound and the roon integration. Thank you regardless!

I’m very happy with my Wedge and the Roon integration works great. My Roon Nucleus? Not so much. That’s decided to give me a lot of trouble after several years of nearly flawless use… but I digress.

If you go with the Wedge, I would STRONGLY suggest that you also pair it with a Formation Bass. These two combined really make a difference in the sound quality and make a very nice little system. Yeah I know they’re both expensive, but you should be able to find them for at least 20% off of MSRP (Upcoming Labor Day sales, Black Friday, etc.). I found a close out deal on the Bass several months ago for $500 USD. If you’re patient, you can find an acceptable deal.

The Wedge is a nice little piece of gear, but paired with the Bass your sound is fuller and simply better overall. B&W’s integrated proprietary mesh network makes the Formation suite of products just plain work, and work well. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with any of the Formation products.

Just my 2¢ since you asked :slightly_smiling_face:.

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