Frequent RAAT dropouts dropouts/stops with Devialet via Ethernet

I’m getting near constant drop outs when play hirez, or use up sampling, they are usually for a few seconds, but the lower the bitrate being transferred over the network the shorted and less frequently they occur. I’ve had problems even playing 44.1 content.

FLAC on my SSD or tidal seems to make no difference.

I’ve seen a suggestion to disable IGMP, but that was already off in my router.

I’ve power cycled everything I can think of and that has got rid of the uncertified message, but it has made no difference to the drop-outs.

I have the same issue (except that I got rid of the uncertified message). RAAT is the only input having this problem…

Me to, had some interesting moments earlier playing 96K 24 bit track where the music sound would stop but the play would continue and the sound would come back after 10 to 15 seconds but at the correct place in playback…

Really not a good advert for Roon…

And nor is the lack of response from anyone at Roon to these problems with the playback to Devialet since the Roon Ready update, maybe Almost Roon Ready would be a better description.

That’s similar to what I’m seeing, the play continues and when the music comes back it’s advanced, more like you pressed mute for a few seconds. When I look on the core machine it continues to send the same amount off traffic as when it’s working, where all those bits are going is a mystery.

I’ve not seen 15 drop outs, mine are more like 5.

@support you may want to look in here.

Just updated and getting the same issue as you Nick, 88.2kHz 24 bit file, running Rock on an i7 Nuc.
@support any ideas

I’ve just changed my Devialet over to use wi-fi and not Ethernet, and so far it seems stable, and I’m playing mqa from tidal with Max pcm upsampling. I decided to try this when testing to my phone app, and noticed the network bandwidth on the core was consistent, but it’s hard to stress test as it does not support high rates.

Is everyone else with this problem using Ethernet? Have you tried WiFi?

I’ve a Devialet 200 that I feed via Ethernet and I experienced multiple issues which are now gone.

First issue was with DSD from my NAS. After a few minutes music stops playing. Impossible to say if it was Roon or the Devialet. Since I’ve changed most of my Ethernet câbles the problem is gone. I went from Cat5 to Cat8 (Supra) but since the câble from my NAS is still a Cat5 I suspect the problem was coming from one of the cables.

Second issue was upsampling. The Devialet was doing some distortion when I used PCM upsampling max square two. Upsampling to DSD64 was fine. Since I upgraded Devialet to v10.1 software (was v9) the problem is gone. This is really good news to me since I prefer PCM upsampling better than DSD64.

Your problems would have been with AIR, not RAAT on a 200, my AIR is stable, it’s the new Roon ready Raat that I’m having problems with.

Sorry, indeed on a 200 it’s still Air.
I’ll not upgrade the Devialet hardware until yours works fine then.
Btw, is yours a former 200?

AIR still works perfectly on until new ones, so upgrade or not on your own schedule.

Mine was a new 440.

Same problem here (as is also described in a couple other threads). Today I installed RoonServer on a Win 10 i7 laptop and moved it to plug directly into the router (circumventing my whole house structured wiring). Problem still exists… dropouts and the “Audio file is loading slowly…” error.

I’m hoping @support will chime in soon to let us know if it’s a bug or a networking issue on our part. AIR works fine as does playback to other RAAT devices like the microRendu.

Any progress on this bug? Anything you need from us to help investigate?

Hi everyone,

Our team is hard at work investigating these reports. We will be sure to keep you updated here as soon as we have more information. We appreciate your patience and feedback as we are looking into this.

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after the latest update my Expert 1000 sounds very good with roon but I have dropouts when the file is high resolution (bigger 48kHz). On teh Devialet I have Version 2.2.4 RAAT SDK Version 1.1.33. In roon software the Expert is marked with “not certified”. I run Roon on Windows 10 and my data is on NAS. Iverything works fine with my PSAudio Bridge 2 in my office with same cor and NAS.
What can I do?

Thanks Rainer

Hello Support
I am using the latest Roon Version on a 64 Bit Windows 10 i7 Lenovo T440s laptop with SSD drive for ROON . The laptop is connected via Ethernet to a ASUS RT AC3200 router.

I have a Devialet Expert Pro 440 CI with the latest Roon RAAT firmware. Since updated the firmware, the new Roon RAAT zone keeps losing signal (dropout) and pauses for a while then continue playing, or, jumps to the next track. I am also getting something like “network performance slow” message. I can still use built in Roon Devialet Air without a problem with both standard and High Res music. The Devialet amp (Master) is connected using direct Ethernet connection via the ASUS router.

I see there are similar issues reported. I have reported to Devialet and they also suggested I should report this to Roon as well. Hope you can help? I would attach a log file but not sure if this facility is available via this interface…@Support

Kind regards
Ivan Lin

@support It would be really helpful if you would just let us (Devialet users) know that you have seen that there is a problem with the Devialet Roon Ready streaming and that you are looking at the problem as the current silence is very Devialet like.

What has Devialet said about the issue?

I have sent a message to Devialet’s support but they haven’t replied anything yet…