Frequently logged out of remotes

I have not changed anything in my setup, but in the last week my various remotes keep requiring me to login. When I do, it is unresponsive for 60 seconds and then 1 of 3 things happens. It either fails and brings me back to the login screen, logs me in where it seems momentarily all settings (audio devices/tags/playlists/etc) are lost, or logs me in and allows me to use Roon for a short while before I am logged out again.

Not able to listen to music now. Support needed, thank you.

HI Joost, can you detail your remotes; what they are, how are they connected to the network, how is your core connected to the network. That would be a great place to start.

Thank you. The core is a macmini connected via LAN to the router (running roonserver), remotes are iPhone/iPad/MacBook via WiFi. Everything kept up to date with latest versions.

Hello @Joost_de_Bonth,

Can you please specify the model/manufacturer of your Router that you are using? Can you confirm that your remotes are connected to the Router and not to a Range Extender of sorts?

I would try connecting your Core and your Macbook remote directly via Ethernet to the Router to see if the same issue exists then, if it doesn’t then it may indicate Wifi signal problems. If it does, it may indicate some configuration has to be done on the Router.

I would double check Multicast Settings on the Router and IGMP settings, multicast has to be on for device discovery and sometimes toggling IGMP settings helps resolve discovery issues. You may also want to set up firewall exceptions on your Router if the firewall could be the issue here, for the specific ports I direct you to Brian’s post here:



Noris, thanks a lot for the help. My macmini just died, it won’t even boot up now. I guess failing OSX processes over the past week have been causing the issues with Roon. I will fix the macmini and let you know if the problem persists. Thanks again.