LAN to WAN firewall settings


After a security incident I finally decided to block all outgoing traffic by default in our home network.

When I verified the Roon server, I see communication going from the server to TCP 9200.

Are there other IP addresses or ports we should allow from the server to the internet please ?

Out of curiosity: what is the purpose of 9200 please ?



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See this post:

Thanks Bob. Could it be that the post you referred to is about a firewall between the client and server ? This is not the case in my situation. There is no firewall between the clients and the server.

I’m looking for the necessary rules between the server and the internet.

I can’t think of any other ports you’d need to open aside from 80,443 (standard HTTP ports) and 9200, but that may change in the future.

9200 is our “push notifications” system. It is a piece of infrastructure that enables our servers push data to your core/remotes on demand instead of having all cores/remotes poll for updates constantly.