Frozen Scan [Resolved]

Hi Erica ,quick question I think. Roon been running really well for a year or so now. You helped me with some issues early on. For the last week or so, the scan gets stuck at 33,000 songs approx out of 45,000 or so. Is there a post you can point me to to reset a log file or something that might fix this error?
Thanks, David D

Sorry. Eric that is!

Hi @David_Doerfer’---- It’s good to hear from you, thanks for the feedback.

Moving forward, I can enable diagnostics on your account so we can have a closer look into what could be causing the hang up but can you please confirm for me if you are still using the same setup:

I am running Roon on my Mac Pro. The Mac is a late 2013 model (the round/cylinder one) has a SSD and 32 GB of RAM. It is a 3.7 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon E5. This is connected to my network via ethernet cabling. The NAS is a synology 1512+ and is connected via ethernet cabling to my network."

Lastly, would you have any objections to me making this a public topic? As you know we try to handle any support related questions out in “public” so others have access to any information being shared that may prove to be useful to them as well.

-Erica :rofl:

Hi Eric, yes happy to go public! And yes the setup is exactly the same. My gut feeling is that something has gone wrong during one scan and that has corrupted some file and so it keeps hanging there. By the way - Roon remains responsive and able to play music etc. Noting changes - but the scan just never finishes. Thanks.

Or, you have a corrupted file that Roon’s scan is having issues with while trying to analyze it. In the Library section under settings, do you have any files listed under Skipped Files?

Hi @David_Doerfer ---- Thanks for getting back to me, very appreciated!

Moving forward, I have went ahead and enabled diagnostics on your account and the next time your core machine comes online we should receive information about your Roon setup along with a fresh set of logs.

Furthermore, as Daniel has asked in his post above (:thumbsup:), please verify if there are any files being listed in the “skipped files” section of the application.


Thanks Guys. I did find one ‘skipped file’. Also would not play in iTunes - must be damaged. Have removed this now and will see how the scanning goes. Thanks. Will let you know if this does not resolve the issue. Appreciate your help. Regards, David D.

Hi Eric.

Unfortunately the scan is still hanging at approx 33,000 files. Same as before removing the ‘skipped file’. Can you take a look at the log files or do I need to do something to push this info to you?

Thanks, David.

Hi @David_Doerfer ---- Thanks for touching base with me, very appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please verify the name of the file that ended up in “skipped files” so when our techs go to examine your logs they don’t see that particular file “as the issue”.

Furthermore, the mentioned diagnostics report has reached our servers, but I also want an updated report after the mentioned troubleshooting exercise you conducted. So I have went ahead and re-enabled this feature on your account so we can see the most “recent run” of the application.


Hi Eric,
The file is 02 Wild Theme.m4a. The scan is stuck at exactly file 33,696. The ‘skipped file’ no longer shows in settings i.e., there are no skipped files showing.

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Hi Eric, the scan is still getting stuck at the same place. Any ideas? There has even been a software update and still the problem persists. Thanks, David.

Hi @David_Doerfer ---- Thank you for touching base with me and more importantly, thank you for your patience.

Moving forward, our tech team is still trying to understand what could be causing the scan to get stuck, and in light of this have asked if you could please provide a fresh set of logs using the command line flag mentioned just below. This will provide the team with some additional logging which will help give the team a better sense of where the issue could be occurring.

Flag: -storagetrace


Hi Eric, Done. Let’s see what your team finds. I, rather naively thought there might be a file that I can delete that would be rebuilt by Roon that would sort this issue out. Thanks, David.

Hi @David_Doerfer ---- Thank you for touching base, appreciated!

Can you verify for me where the logs were uploaded?


Oops - sorry - forgot that bit!

Hi Eric, I’ll let you know when I have uploaded the Logs. Interestingly Roon is behaving a bit differently this restart. Recently on the restart, the scan has gone through once without hanging and then on the second scan - usually after adding a Tidal album to my library - the scan hangs. So far Roon has not hung after this restart. I’ll see how it goers in the next few days and if it hangs, I will send you the Logs. Thanks. Here’s hoping the issue has sorted itself. Cheers, David.

Hi Eric - problem has occurred again. Here is a Dropbox link - hopefully you can access that or let me know what to do. Thanks, David.

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Thanks @David_Doerfer! Confirming that the logs have been received and are now with our tech team for analysis.

Once my report has been updated with their feedback, I will be sure to touch base with you asap.

Thanks again!

Thanks Eric.