Garbled fonts - roon 1.0 b30, Windows 8.1

I installed Roon 1.0 b30 yesterday for the first time (14 day trial) on my Windows 8.1 machine (dual Xeon 2687 v2, 64GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce Titan Black driver version 347.52).

This morning when I checked on scanner progress, Roon had crashed. When I restarted, all text within the Roon user interface is garbled (see screenshot). Reboot does not help.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Hi Moritz,

There is much information in this [Garbled & missing fonts][1] thread.

[1]: Garbled & missing fonts

the information in the other thread is about Mac OS and Mac hardware (integrated vs. discrete graphics).
My machine is Windows based on non-Apple hardware, so the guidance there doesn’t apply.

Meanwhile - I updated to latest Nvidia drivers (didn’t help).
Another reboot - didn’t help.
Now Roon won’t start anymore.

Started as Administrator - for now it’s back up and running with correct fonts, I don’t know if this state will last (it worked yesterday before it died today …).

Related issues:

  • The corrupted fonts are related to out of memory condition
    – cf. Out of memory error (1.0b30 / Windows 8.1)
  • The out of memory condition finally “killed the cat” for me, as with its current library Roon will start 1/20 times and then most often show corrupted text
    – cf. Text unreadable

For now it looks like Roon (as a 32bit .NET app) has a limit regarding library sizes that you may encounter if you have several 100k tracks (this is speculation on my part, looking at some other postings on this board and the memory pattern where Roon runs into the 2GB ceiling on startup)

This would be a huge gotcha – and not a pleasant one. Roon – can you comment on any limitations to library size?

I responded to the other thread @mzbe – sorry for the trouble here.

Still a problem with the new Roon build.

Any workarounds or solutions?

same here - latest build, on Windows 10, garbled fonts

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