Gato Audio - DIA-250S NPM Integrated Amplifier, DAC & Roon Ready

A Gato Audio what? One of their streamers?

The DIA 250. It’s a wonderful device, love the sound.


Beautiful. Completely integrated, Roon Ready, no need to plug components together, just add speakers.

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Does it have a remote?

Yes it does. And it has all the inputs you could possibly think about.

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I’ve got the DIA-400S but without the NPM module.

You can buy the upgrade if you will

The customer service of gato is amongst the best I’ve experienced and they have a policy of worldwide free shipping with taxes and duties included. They even made a PayPal invoice in USD instead of €.

I know this is an almost two year old post. I own a Gato 250 S NPM and I can not hear a difference between a Raspberry Pi with a Allo Digione (not even the Signature version) and the NPM.