Genre limited to local library?

The 1.8 release notes say;

“ Genre Pages

Genre pages were previously limited to the music present in your library, but in Roon 1.8 you can explore music that’s new to you. Genres that were previously unavailable or only featured a handful of content from your library now feature a number of recommendations powered by Valence, including recommended artists and albums, subgenres, Live Radio stations, and for classical music top composers and compositions.“

I take this to mean when I select a Genre I should see albums in my library as well as suggestions outside my library (ie on Qobuz). But all I see are albums in my library only; there are no suggestions outside my library.

Am I misunderstanding something here?

When you select a genre, you get your albums but then — if you have Qobuz and/or tidal — you get recommended new releases, recommended albums and artists all outside your library but within that genre… Are you not seeing these?

Thank you for the reply.

I looked again, this time at several genres, and in some genres I see recommendations outside my library and in some genres I don’t. For example, if I choose Pop/Rock I see outside recommendations. If I choose Dance, I only see albums in my library.

I don’t think Dance by itself is a genre in Roon unless it’s your own added genre. Do you mean Club/Dance? I see recommendations for that. If it’s an added genre, that might be the issue.

That very well may be the case and makes sense. It’s been awhile (I signed up with Roon in 2016), but I do remember doing some genre editing/grooming in the past.

If you use your own genres, it’s kind of all or nothing… you turn this on in settings and then you have access to a mapper where you can map your genres to those in Roon. If you mapped Dance to Club/dance you’d likely get recommendations. But you’re in the middle…

So I tried mapping Dance to Club/Dance.

It didn’t seem to make any difference. After this change, I went back to Genre and selected Dance. It still just shows my library.

I guess I’m not understanding what Genre Mapping is doing.

I wasn’t sure what it would do, but thought it might fix your issue. Oh well. May need to ask support. I’ve exhausted my knowledge…

Thank you. I appreciate your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

The KB wasn’t much help. :slightly_frowning_face:

All mapping your own genres to Roon defined genres does is to add them as albums under the mapped Roon genre.

So when you Focus on the Club/Dance genre it will also show your albums with the Dance tag (but that don’t have the Club/Dance tag).

I’m in the process of removing the Pop/Rock genre completely from Roon, creating a new top-level Rock genre. And like you only see my library, no ‘Recommended albums/artists’ or ‘New releases for you’.

I’d suggest editing your topic title and move the topic to the Feature request section.

(just in case you didn’t know - you can click the pen icon next to the title, to edit/move)

Good luck removing the Pop/Rock genre. It’s the only genre you can’t delete even if it’s empty. You’ll have to make it a sub-genre of rock. But it will always be there. Because Roon knows best.


None of the Roon defined genres can be hidden/deleted.

I moved Pop/Rock into a new ‘trash’ genre called Other, which I made into a sub-genre of Easy listening.

I’m still manually removing the tag from the streaming albums in my library, and adding Pop or Rock as required. For my own files, at least I can use a third-party editor to amend the tags.

Other is also home to the empty Roon genres, and the Pop/Rock sub-genres that still need to be spilt into the new Rock(user created) and Pop (Roon’s) top-level genres.

At least they are out of the way.

But Roon really needs to improve genre handling. It’s a repetitive task, that needs a decent UI. I’m not going to do much more until Roon adds some improvements:

Being able to delete/hide Roon genres is a must, and when we import new albums from our own files and albums we favourite via TIDAL/Qobuz those genres must automatically be hidden.