Genre "Play now" button not working

Roon Core Machine

Dell inspiron i7-3770@3.4GHz
Local flac & mp3 files on Synology RS816 rack NAS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Synology RS816 rack NAS connected to Fritzbox 7530 router via cable 1Gb ethernet as is the Dell Core machine
All endpoints connected via ethernet (not wifi)

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry pi4 running RoPieee to a Topping D10s - all cable not wifi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Trying to listen to the “Afro-beat” genre, but the blue Play now button and drop down option does not work
The button works fine on other genres (Afro-Pop, Afro-Cuban…)

As can be seen from your screenshot, you don’t have any albums in that genre hence nothing to play and the button is inactive. Maybe you have content in one of the parent genres (African Traditions, International) then try and play that.


Thank you - makes sense now you explain it.

I thought the Roon Genres would pull tracks from my library, plus Qobuz & Tidal (non-library) tracks as if it were a Roon Genre Radio station, rather than only pull from my own library.

You can start roon radio from a genre, that would be the nearest thing.

Yes, but that option is only available when you have a track already in your library allocated to that genre.

Not really a problem I just need to find an album I like in that genre and add it to my library, then the Roon Radio option is activated.

Apologies didn’t realise that. I don’t use genres at all.

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