Go back to 1.8 (not legacy)


I found my iphone automatically updated to the new app too, so I can’t use Roon on the phone any more. Absolutely Livid.

I DO NOT want to use a new ‘major’ version of Roon on day one. It will be loaded with bugs. I am not convinced there is a string case to make any changes to v1.8.

Roon staff - How do I downgrade my IOS app to a version that works with Roon 1.8 core?

Why don’t you just give the Roon 2.0 a chance on the core.
There really are no other changes to worry about past ARC and some Mac improvements.

I was in trepidation myself but everything went very smoothly and no bugs( well no extra ones :grin:).

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You can’t. You will now need to run 1.8 (Legacy) which has been released also. Your core and all devices will need to be on this version.

Or try 2.0 as above. :joy:

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Tried the Legacy app - completely useless as noted by the OP, because v1.8 Legacy is completely different to v1.8.

Roon, please make a version of the controller that works with my existing installation of v1.8!!! How did this pass QC??

Absolutely seething that my iphone updated the app without me requesting to do so. There is a deeply buried setting that caused this. Thankfully that was turned off on my ipad.

Can you upgrade your mac os to a newer supported version? Have you corresponded with Apple about this?

You haven’t understood.

Your core can be updated to 1.8 Legacy. You can download 1.8 Legacy on phones/tablets. This will take you back to 1.8.

This is the only difference between them.

Changes in Roon 1.8 Legacy (build 1126 production1x):

  • Updated version naming convention from stable to production1x
  • Resolved an issue where the discography would not load for some artists

Download Links for Roon Core 1.8 (Legacy):

MacOS All-in-one / MacOS Remote

MacOS RoonServer

Windows All-in-one / Windows Remote (x64)
Windows All-in-one / Windows Remote (x32)

Windows RoonServer (x64)
Windows RoonServer (x32)

Linux RoonServer Install Script (Instructions)
ASUSTOR RoonServer (Instructions)
QNAP RoonServer (Instructions)
Synology (DSM7) (Instructions)
Synology (DSM6) (Instructions)


No it isn’t. For all intents it is exactly the same.

Exactly, the biggest difference I think any user is going to see is that with 1.8 legacy they are NOT going to be seeing the perpetual " there is an update available" pop ups.

That’s mostly it.

You can not. Apple does not allow for rolling back an app to a prior version. We created 1.8 Legacy as a different app just for this use case.

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my mac mini apparently cannot upgrade to roon 2,
It currently has roon legacy 1.8 build 1126
my tablet that I select the songs to play roon from is 1.8 build 1105

I am getting a not saying on of my devices is running Rood Legacy but my core and remote are running different versions.

Please let me know where I can go to for help…the Roon Site is not exactly user friendly for the over 60 crown that is not as tech savvy as the younger generations.

Not exactly…two different build numbers 1126 and 1105

Andrew I share your sentiment and if you find a workaround please let me know

Ged is talking about functionality, the different build numbers reflect new fixes that have been incorporated.

The legacy is (build 1126) my ipad is 1.8 (build 1105)

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You can run a production control, iPad etc with a preprod core. Download the production remeaee from Apple store.

Download the 1.8 legacy app from the App Store. You need both 1.8 legacy core and remotes.

How to download the 1.8 legacy app? I can’t find it in the app store. It just has Roon Remote and that is version 2.0

Search Roon Legacy, or click the developer’s name and it will show all apps.

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