Roon 1.8 Legacy - How to stick with Roon 1.8

Roon 2.0 is here, and with it comes some exciting new updates to the Roon platform - including Roon ARC, our mobile app for remote listening - free and exclusive for Roon users.

However, we know not everyone will want to - or will have the capacity to - upgrade to Roon 2.0 straight away. We know some users will want or need to ‘hang back’ from 2.0, at least for a little while.

So alongside Roon 2.0, we’re also giving users the option of sticking with Roon 1.8 - should they choose to. In this post, we’ll take you through how that works.

Sticking with Roon 1.8 Legacy

Once Roon 2.0 is released all cores will automatically migrate to 2.0. But don’t worry - switching back is easy.

In the weeks immediately following the release of 2.0, we’re allowing users to switch freely between 1.8 and 2.0 without any database compatibility issues or other compatibility problems. That means you can give 2.0 a try, and move back to 1.8 if you prefer.

The migration process is simple. You’ll just need to run the installer for whichever version you prefer.

You’ll always be able to move from 1.8 to 2.0, should you decide to do so.

For information on the migration process please visit the Roon 1.8 <-> 2.0 Migration FAQ.

Support for Roon 1.8 Legacy

We’ll continue to run support for Roon 1.8 until at least December 31, 2022. During this time, we’ll provide fixes for critical and security issues.

After the support period has ended, Roon 1.8 will continue to function, but won’t receive any further updates. Want to keep running 1.8? You’ll be able to do so long after support has ended.

Roon Core Partners

Roon Core Partners who are not basing their offerings on RoonOS will need to provide a way to install 1.8 Legacy. We contacted our Roon Core Partners well in advance to let them know about this - we recommend speaking to your Roon Core Partner directly if you wish to use 1.8 Legacy.