Going back from 1.1 to 1.0

I am absolutely not happy what is going here.Since i try to update the 1.1 sw i can’t listen music anymore.
I contact the support , got a number and response from room, but still no solution.
My major priority was and still is how and where i can download the previous version to listen music.
Can you please public a link to download so can listen music-thanks.
I reported that problem, wasn’t the first and not the only one.
[my post for report that problem][1]
[1]: No progress on rescanning files with software 1.1 installed

Why not simple let us install the previous version so we can enjoy the music and you have time to work on that and offer it when its ready for distribution and working–
or declare it as “prototype” or “beta test software” so i know the risk and know what to do and save all and NOT be left without the possibility to listen MUSIC. !!!

Hi @RobertW – I just responded to your private message.

I think we’re very close to resolving this issue, so take a look at my PM and let me know if you have any questions.


Hi look here,

it sounds very positive.
temporary solution now



Normally, not an issue, but as we noted in the 1.1 release notes, the database is not backwards compatible with 1.0, so this is a 1-way upgrade: Roon 1.1 Is Live!

Note that due to a number of database changes, database backups created using Roon 1.1 are not backwards compatible, and remotes running Build 30 or earlier cannot connect to Roon 1.1.

What if we’re willing to just start afresh like we’ve never used Roon before? Can we download the last build prior to 1.1 and begin like a new customer?

Hey @bebop57 – if you want the installer for the previous build, shoot me a PM and I can upload it somewhere for you.