Google Home Hub as Roon Display?

(Bernard Crawford) #1

This just appears to be a chrome cast on steroids. Can I use it as a Roon Display?

(John Webb) #2

Good question.

(Tony) #3

I have the same question, but having seen one on the flesh it is only a 7" tablet size. A bit smaller than I was expecting, but similar devices are available in 8" and 10" versions from Lenovo ‘Smart Display With Google Assistant’ and JBL Link View (8" I think). Both Lenovo and JBL have much better sound than the tiny Google Home Hub, so could be used as a full Chromecast endpoint for Roon? Anybody tried any of these with Roon?

(Bernard Crawford) #4

To be clear I’m only asking if you can send display information similar to chromecast display, I’m just looking to put one in the bathroom to accompany a Bluesound Pulse to provide playing information, not as a sound source. Thanks.

(Tony) #5

Understood, I was simply broadening your query as both have the same answer (it works or it doesn’t).

However, why would you want two devices in the bathroom when you can get away with having only one?

(simon arnold) #6

I dont think the screens are a Chromecast souce, mainly for video calls and watching YouTube.

(Bernard Crawford) #7

The same reason you would use a chromecast to display information in any zone.

(Tony) #8

Google Home Hub does not have a camera, which is just as well in a bathroom I suppose! :blush:

(Bernard Crawford) #9

The way I understand it, the Home Hub is based off Chromecast, whera as the other Google “like” apparatuses are based on android, have cameras, and do a bunch of other stuff. I’m just looking for a compact screen that can show Roon info and wanted to know if this would act like any other chromecast based display in Roon.

(simon arnold) #10

I thought this was like the other home assistant screens, obviously I was wrong. The blurb on it is very unclear and Google haven’t said it’s Chromecast compatible even though it’s running Google Cast under the hood. I guess it must do though as apparently no apps are on it so YouTube must get on their somehow?

(Tony) #11


this article explains the differences. As it is closer to a Chromecast than an Android tablet, it should have no issue with being cast to by Roon. Reviews I have read all said it could be cast to with one major exception. For reasons unknown you cannot cast Netflix to it. Youtube is baked into the build, there are no apps as such. It is pretty much an appliance (which in this case is a good thing). I quite like it, but they are tiny though.

(Ethan Garner) #12

ANyone given this a shot yet?

(Derek Wyman) #13

Works just fine as a display for roon.

(Binky) #14

Excellent… I will tell Santa :sunglasses:


They’ll be $99 ($50 off) for Black Friday.

Google Black Friday Deals

(Binky) #16

I saw a message earlier this that they would be discounted later this week, so thanks for the reminder :+1:

(Tim) #17

I picked one up over the weekend and tried it out briefly as a Roon display and everything seemed fine. I bought another one for another room to replace a Pi running Ropieee with a display and just started using it about 45 minutes ago and it seemed to be working fine for several tracks but then one of the Hub’s status pages popped up followed by its home page which is currently configured to show random Google pictures. Once the home page was displayed I’ve not been able to get the Roon display to reappear. I’ve turned it off and back on from Roon several times but nothing from Roon shows up on the display.

I’ll do some reading and check out the setup options and report back.


(Derek Wyman) #18

Did you try swiping the screen (l>r)?

The hubs are kinda stuck between being voice activated and kinda/sorta touch enabled lol.

Edit. I just tried it and when i click on the screen saver i can see roon on my “home screen” and can click it back to full screen

Edit 2. I was able to reproduce what you were seeing. Roon isn’t trying to reconnect. If you pres the start/stop button there is no delay like there is when it tries to connect. It just toggles on and off.

Funny I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and never ran into this. Maybe something broke in an update.

(Derek Wyman) #19

My other one is still working. If I click on the roon “icon” on the home screen it goes back BUT as soon as that icon is replaced by something else (i. e coming up…) Roon is lost for good. !

It does seem to be able to be reactivated after a few minutes. But I don’t think it comes back on it’s own.

Probably not somthing it was designed to do.

(Sean) #20

Hi @Derek_Wyman

Does it ever go full screen with Roon? If so, could you post a pic (if you get a chance).