Google Home Hub as Roon Display?

What do you mean by this? It is designed for Chromecasting (according to specs and reviews), so is the issue present when you Chromecast other media to it? Trying to determine if this is an issue with the Google software on the device or the Roon Chromecasting/Display implementation.

That’s cool. Thanks.


I’m embarrassed to say I had not thought about casting something else to the hub, I don’t cast much since I have nVidia Shields attached to my primary TVs use them to watch videos.

I tried casting a 33 minute YouTube video to the hub and it played to the end and then advanced to the next video.

I then started a Roon display to the hub and when it made it past 15 minutes I got my hopes up but then at 26 minutes it switched back to the time display with a random Google image.

I wonder if using YouTube is not the best test. I had wondered if the time of day ( after midnight here ) might have made difference but other than getting an extra 10 minutes of Roon display I still ended up with the same result.

It’s now almost 1:15 in the morning here so I’m going to retire for the night and pick this up later in the day.

One other thing that I have noticed is that when the Roon display is active the screen will randomly refresh several times per track, Not sure I’ve noticed this using a Chromecast as a display.


It’s never been officially said you can Chromecast video to it. It’s based on the same tech as it’s not android os but it doesn’t mean it’s fully featured like the dongles. Nowhere on Google’s site does is mention Chromecast.

But it does say 'Casting optimised for selected services only. ’ which may be the issue.

@anon97951896, many thanks for doing the testing. Hopefully Roon can take a look at this and optimise the casting part of Roon? (EDIT: if it is a Roon issue… any chance that @support can look into this?)

Selected services being YouTube and Google play music I guess.

Same issue with Lenovo Smart Display. Shows as a display in the Roon settings and works great for about 2 mins, then appears to lose connection and reverts to the home screen. Really great whilst working, pity you can’t even get one track out of it though.

That is good in one sense as the same ‘fix’ may work for all platforms (presuming it can be fixed from the Roon end). The hardware differs but the software should be the same I believe for all Home hubs.

Yes, I meant it should all be functionally the same, so if it works on one it should work on the other platforms. Anyway, it is a moot point until we know where the issue lies with the casting issue.

In my case I just want to use the hub as a display. I’m hoping to replace a Pi running Ropieee with the hub and get track into plus access to Google’s assistant.


We spent some time in the 1.6 development cycle to figure out the quirks with Roon and Chromecast smart displays, but we weren’t able to address them in time for the release. Expect some improvements in the future, but there are still some issues that we haven’t figured out how to fix without some improvements to the SDK by Google.


There’s a thread here

It’s my understanding that the Roon team know of some issues with the Google Home Hub but have not yet rolled out any fixes. Hopefully they will be forthcoming soon.


Just stumbled across this thread after 2 minutes of Euphoria of using my Lenovo Smart Display as a display, followed by an hour of frustration as it keeps switching off.

Looks great when it works!

So have we established this is a Roon issue rather than a Chromecast issue? …if so, is there a view as to which release a fix will be in?

(Possibly) related - on my 77 inch Sony OLED TV, the Roon Display flickers off on average 2-3 times during a song. Just for about a second, then comes back on. Pretty annoying. Any thoughts on that much appreciated!

I was having a lot of trouble with using direct connect and Roon Web Display on my TV. I ended up plugging in an old Chromecast to one of the unused HDMI ports on the TV. It’s not perfect but works well enough to not be annoying.

Is there any way to make it not back a “beep” noise when it starts showing the display?

I believe there is a setting in the Google home app for sound when connecting.

There is an Easter discount for home hub. Wonder if this issue will be solved soon or better don’t buy device yet?

Sounds good! For me just the visuals would be enough, but only if it’s working stable.

Mine still conks out after some period of time–more than 15 minutes but less, I think, than a half hour. Is yours still going strong for an hour or more of playback? If so, any setting of note, either on the Home Hub or Roon?