Google Home Hub as Roon Display?

Mine too…tested it now for a while…sometimes 5 minutes, sometime 50 minutes, but then the Roon Display dissapears…what a pity…will look for a small display with chrome cast…

I think I’m just going to give up on the google solution and dedicate my current iPad as a remote display after I buy a new iPad this fall.

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I think that makes more sense…

Stability the reason?

Yes it is.

I returned mine…the display is awesome, but if it lacks reliability…

This is certainly not the case. As it has been confirmed before, it’s Roon that’s at fault here. Other apps cast just fine.

You’re right…well we don’t know when this will be resolved, so I rather refunded it…

This is a shame, there is a deal on the UK today (Black Friday) so I was seriously considering.

So, the Roon app will work, but the display stops working after a indeterminate period of time?? What happens then? Can you just kill the app, or do you need to restart the hub?

Thanks @Dan_Brown. Given the limitation you describe, would you say it is worth getting the Home Hub Max in respect of Roon?

Based on my experience, I’d say no.

The work-around doesn’t always get the display back for me, and I honestly have better things to do than resetting the display every 15-20 minutes. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I have a Chromecast dongle hooked up to my TV and that works reliably as a roon display.


Thanks that helpful. I am looking for a kitchen control really, a Home Hub Max ticks lots of boxes but, for me, Roon is No1, so if it doesn’t do that yet, I should probably hang on.

No. I would not recommend the Google Home Hub with Roon. Mine was a bit of a wasted purchase. I wanted to just sit it next to my hi-fi and have it display the current song or lyrics, but it doesn’t work, so it’s been relegated to my bedroom where I can ask it what the traffic is like, or the weather and I use it as an alarm clock.

Much more useful is the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet and Show mode charging dock I bought. That serves my purpose perfectly, and also allows me to control Roon as well. Most of the time it sits in its dock near my hi-fi in “display” mode. As it’s always on, there’s no delay when I want to use it as a remote. It’s no iPad, but it serves its purpose really well. It’s an 8inch screen, as opposed to the 10inch Home Hub Max, but it’s big enough for my needs. There is a 10inch Fire HD, but it’s much more expensive at the moment.

The tablet is currently only £45 and the dock £26 on Amazon… a bargain I reckon!


Yep. I do this too, and can also recommend it.


I debated doing the same. I’ve got several Nest Hubs around the house, though, generally prefer Google’s voice assistant to Alexa, and don’t really want to have two screens side-by-side.

So I’m playing the waiting game. :confused:

Yeah, I’m with you on that. Got Minis everywhere, though, not Hubs. Don’t use Alexa; just use the Fire HD tablet for Roon.

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