Google Pixel C - Roon Interface too saturated

I’m having the same color issue on my Google Pixel C (Android 8.1). Strange thing is that I don’t have this issue on any other remote, including Windows 10 and Android 6.0.1 on a Nexus 7. The colors on the Pixel C are over saturated.

Do you see any colour related options in settings display (natural / saturated / vivid / …)?

No color options for me, and if it could be corrected then the colors of all the other apps would be wrong.

Hi @Jan_Koudijs,

I wanted to reach out to you regarding your report of too much saturation on your Pixel C. We made a few changes in our latest release (build 521) which should have helped here.

Can you please let me know if you’re seeing the images displayed properly now? Are you seeing any other saturation issues on this device (such as the display is now too bright)?

If you are seeing additional problematic behavior on your Pixel C, can you please share a screenshot?

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