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Hi all, before I raise a ticket, is anyone else experiencing a graphics glitch on the album screen where you would see type of file, dynamic range, Tivo description etc? Instead of the text three solid lines of grey appear which disappears after 1-2 seconds (so unable to take screenshot). See screenshot below.

Many thanks!

HI @Henkemannen,

Not over here. Are we looking at the same area (just making sure)?

One thing you can try is to clean the image cache.

Roon>Settings>Setup>Clear cache. You might even restart Roon afterward.

Let me know!

@Wes, I am pretty sure @Henkemannen is talking about the dark gray lines that have started to appear at least for some people during info loading since the Wikipedia integration. I.e., where the review/bio then appears. Seems to be a placeholder during loading and takes variable time between hardly any and 5 seconds, apparently depending on many factors. Discussed here and in many posts preceding it in this thread:

@Suedkiez - yes that’s it. Many thanks for your and @Wes input.

What @Geoff_Coupe is showing in his video is exactly what I see too, and even in those instances where there is no bio or anything the three bars (better word!) appear and disappear.

Good to know at least I am not alone in this.

Yes, this has been part of the discussion on the thread. Roon are looking into it, but the issue was raised during earlyrelease testing already and improved but not nailed completely, so I hope they do now.

Many thanks for info.

All the best

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