Grateful Dead "In and Out of the Garden" Box Set - Skipping Files

Hi All - I purchased the digital box set from "In and Out of the Garden: Madison Square Garden '81, '82, '83). They sound great and was listening to the Mar 09, 1981 concert. Then when it got to tracks 17, “Space” and 18, “The Other One”, Roon just skipped over them both and went to Track 19. I looked at the files and they appear to be good. I was able to play the files on my VLC player, but can’t get Roon to play them. Since they play on the VLC, I don’t think it is a file issue. I also checked in the Skipped Files section in Settings and the files are not there. Any ideas or anybody have this problem. I

Are you sure they’re not corrupt as I’ve had defective tracks from before. Check Roon for any corrupt tracks and see if they are listed.

As I mentioned, I was able to play them on the VLC Media player with no problem so I don’t think it is a file issue. Also, they are not showing up in the skipped files folder in Roon.

Hi John

Check inspector for corrupt files to see if they’re listed there (Albums-Focus-Inspector-Corrupt) and perhaps a @moderators could move this to the support section (a screenshot may help)

Good luck and a great box by the way.

I ordered this too, but it hasn’t arrived yet. (I ordered CDs.)

Will be interesting to see whether there are any issues with the physical media.

Are the digital files FLACs or something else? Were you able to choose file type?

@John_Baule I also have this box set as a digital download in high resolution (24bit/192kHz) and I just tried to play tracks 16 - Drums, 17 - Space and 18 - The Other One and experienced the same problem with Roon skipping tracks 17 & 18. I am now in the process of trying a few solutions to the problem. Let’s see if I can get Roon to play the skipped files.

  1. Tried reconverting the files (tracks 17 & 18) using dbPowerAmp and Roon still skipped the files
  2. Tried converting the files (tracks 17 & 18) to wav using dbPowerAmp and adding to the folder in place of the original flac files. Once again Roon would not play the two files.
  3. Tried down converting the two high resolution files to standard resolution (16bit/44.1kHz) and adding to the folder in place of the original high resolution flac files. And what do you know now Roon played the files.

So number 3 appears to be the solution although now I have two standard resolution files mixed in with the high resolution files. Good thing one of the tracks is "Space’, which is a bathroom break anyway :rofl:

On a related note. Have you been able to get Roon to “identify” this box set? I cannot.


Thanks so much for your response - glad to know it wasn’t just me. Still seems weird to me that these two tracks alone would have this issue. I started with this show though and haven’t made my way through the other ones. Sounds like you found a workaround, although that is going to bug me to know that the two tracks are down-sampled (for no real rational reason :). Since the files both play in VLC, it seems like it can’t be files, but must be a bug in Roon. Wonder if there is anyway to get the Roon engineers to investigate.

Tend to agree with you that if it was going to happen on a track, best that it is Space. I tend to listen to these shows while I work and often barely notice the Drums/Space sequence, but for some reason I was in a groove when “Drums” started and the sudden shift from Drums to Stella Blue jarred me.

No luck on Roon identifying the set. I have a big GD collection and one of my frustrations is the way they handle these box sets. They sporadically identify them or else just show compilation. I have also been trying to get them to display properly. I would like them to show in my library as one box set with the individual concerts separately identified, but haven’t been able to figure this out yet. I did see another post from someone who said that you could use a classical music trick where you use the same name for the entire box set i.e. “In and Out of the Garden” and then list the individual concerts under a field called “Work”. I was able to tag these this way (I use tag editor) but then don’t know how to get this to display in Roon.

Anyway thanks for running the experiment.

Thanks for the response - I didn’t even realize that I had all of these functions so thanks for telling me about Focus. I don’t see the it showing up under corrupt - you can see the response from JazzFan below, he was able to get it to work by downsampling. I am only through 1981 so far, but it is a great box.

I ordered the Flac files. Wouldn’t expect any issues with the Cd’s - especially with what Jazzfan_NJ said below.

As I said my set is high resolution flac files (24bit - 192kHz) and for some reason or other the high resolution flac playback codec in Roon doesn’t like and therefore doesn’t play the two files in question. Perhaps copies of these two files can be sent to @support so they can investigate further.

I have about 250 Grateful Dead albums and can understand your difficulties getting them to display in Roon as you’d like them too.
As it’s off topic for this support thread if you wish to open a new topic outside the support category and tag me I can try and help you.
Briefly though: as you’re using a tag editor you’ll want to be sure Roon is set to use tagged metadata rather than Roon results.

Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s having this issue. Roon clocks indefinitely when it gets to “The Other One”, and I’m forced to skip to the next track.

I downloaded the MSG 3/9/81 show from Qobuz and have noticed it happens whether I stream it from Qobuz or playing my local files through Roon. However, whenever I play it through the Qobuz app there’s no issue with playback.

Only tangentially related: my CDs just arrived. I just love Grateful Dead box set packaging.


They do a nice job on the box sets, but I had to go digital because my wife has only allocated me a certain amount of closet space - enjoy. I am through the 3rd show and so far very pleased.

@Jazzfan_NJ Just an update as I have been trying to resolve this issue. I have confirmed that “The Other One” is the issue. If I delete this file, then “Space” plays fine. There is something about “The Other One” that is the issue. You might try putting your 192 version of space back and leaving the down’sampled Other one and see if they then work.

Roon Core Machine

I am running Roon Version 2.0 (build 1128) on a QNAP NAS running Linux 5.10.60-qnap.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

I am running music through either a Moon 390D by SimAudio or a Naim Muso QB

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I have 78,296 tracks across 4,893 albums.

Description of Issue

I purchased the flac 192-24 digital copy of the Grateful Dead in and out of the Garden. I purchased this directly The first concert in the box set - Mar 09, 1981 is where I encountered the problem describe below. The concert was playing perfectly through Track 16 “Drums”. However, Roon then skipped over the next two files - Track 17 “Space” and Track 18 “The Other One” before proceeding to Track 19 - “Stella Blue”. I did some experimentation to try to figure out the issue as follows:

  1. Determined that the files had data associated with them. The two files had 238.6 and 271.1MB respectively. I also verified that neither file was showing up in the corrupt tracks area of Roon.

  2. I then tried to play both files using VLC and JRiver Media. Both worked fine.

  3. I then tried removing the files from my NAS and Roon library and adding them back one at a time. What I found was that when I deleted Track 18 - “The Other One”, Roon played the other files - Track 16 - Track 19 including the previously skipped Track 17 - “Space” with no problem.

  4. So I have now narrowed in on the fact that it is something to do with Track 18 “The Other One”. I tried changing the name of the file and recopying it into my Roon directory, but this did not work. This is where I am stuck. I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the file since it plays on the other media players. I also communicated on the forum with another Roon subscriber who had the same problem. He solved it by down-sampling the two tracks to 44/16 and then it worked. I suppose I could do this with “The Other One” but that wouldn’t really get to the root cause so thought I would share the issue with you.

Appreciate the help and I really enjoy Roon.

Best regards,


I merged your new post into your existing one as it was basically a duplicate and that usually tends to confuse the issue and dilute the potential replies.
We find it best to keep everything in one place if possible.
Thank you.

Hey now @John_Baule,

I just spun up the set to check things out. When I tried to play that track sequence on Qobuz in Roon it skipped ahead a few seconds into Space and then got hung on The Other One. (Which is a shame as Phil’s bass intro is sick!!!) Through TIDAL in Roon it played fine. And when played directly in the Qobuz app it played ok.

This issue seems similar to one we had with Qobuz’s version of Pink Floyd’s More album recently. I’ll give Support a heads-up about it on Monday.

:v:t2: :skull: :rose:


I don’t usually listen to 80s shows cause Brent’s Fisher Price piano tone irrationally annoys me but you’re right: Phil’s bass playing in that Other One isn’t just sick it’s terminally ill. :skull:

Thank you @AceRimmer . I have never reached out to Roon support before and wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.