Group discography is empty, though I have two albums by this group

I have a strange issue here. I have two albums in my library by the obscure French group The Grief. Both of these albums are identified. On the albums details pages for both albums, the other album is mentioned. But when I goto the artist details page, the discography section is empty. Some tracks do appear under the compositions section. How is this possible?

Album 1

Album 2

Artist page


The Overview page is for your library, do your albums show up there?

Hi Rugby, thanks for replying.
Some tracks do show up there, but not the albums as such.

I have exactly the same problem with some albums that I purchased on Bandcamp.


Of the albums/ artists that I have checked, this issue seems to occur only for those not on Tidal. This is also true for the albums @Arlen has mentioned.

Interesting observation. It’s not easy to check this, but you might be right.
I have this unidentified album in my library. Mind the details page of one of the artists…

This is a known issue in 1.8, reported some time back and apparently being worked on. Hopefully the volume goes up so it can get some attention.

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Thanks for mentioning this.

This seems to me like a basic and serious problem.


One would think, but it’s not serious until enough people complain about it, then it may get some attention.

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I’ve been a lifetime subscriber for several years now, but I’m still confused by how roon delegates support.


same problem.
reported in another post, didn’t notice this one.

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Thanks for the report, @Arlen! Our team is looking into this.


Yes I absolutely agree. I have this very same issue across many artists.

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