Hardware buttons on Samsung 21 no longer control volume from locked screen

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core 1.8 (build 884) running on
Mac Mini - Big Sur 11.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core is hardwired to Comcast Xfinity Router via Cisco Router

Connected Audio Devices

Sending to multiple endpoints
Core connected via HDMI to Marantz receiver
Wireless to B&W Wedge & Flex; second Mac Mini for MCH music in living room via Marantz receiver; several Google endpoints
Roepieee w hifiberry via RCA to amplifier for outdoor listening

Number of Tracks in Library

35,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I often use my Samsung 21 as a Roon Remote. When my phone is locked, I can use controls on the locked screen to start/stop/skip but the hardware volume buttons no longer work. They worked until recently, but stopped working with the 1.8 release. I now have to unlock my phone and go to Roon Remote for the hardware buttons to control the volume.


Can I get a little help over here?


Hi @Scott_Seiler. We are sorry for being so late.
We’d like to know what’s in Settings → Setup → Enable Lock Screen controls value?
Do device hardware buttons work in case you try to use to control volume them while app is in the foreground?
What happens in case toggling the switch, see if that helps?
Any OS related update received recently?

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Thanks! I do have the controls on lock screen to on and I can use the forward/back button on the room widget and it works fine. The phone and apps are up to date. If the app is in the foreground the volume buttons do work. I basically have to open/go to the app to have volume buttons work. Thanks!

Hi, @Scott_Seiler, thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this issue locally. We’d like you to ask if you can remove Roon app from your Samsung 21 and get the latest version of Roon and try again?


Thanks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of the app and it still won’t work. As long as I have the Room app open and visible, the volume works, but if it’s in the background or on the lock screen, the volume won’t control it. It looks like the volume button controls the media volume of the device but the Room volume is seen as the display volume (or some secondary device). I can’t reassign the hardware buttons to see it differently. See my attached picture. The blue arrow is what the volume controls, while the green line is the Roon volume control.

See my attached screen shots for more detail. From the locked screen, you see Roon widget/controls. The player buttons work but the hardware volume buttons don’t. In fact, I have no volume control here. When I tap the “media output” in the top right of the Room widget it opens the media control panel, but not that it shows no media playing. So, of course, no volume control. Only when I open the Roon app and have it up will the hardware buttons work (see Roon player screen shot).

I hope that helps. Thank you!

Hey @Scott_Seiler,

Thank you so much for describing the issue in more detail and accompanying it with screenshots. It is very helpful.

We’d be so grateful if you could continue to help us with a little more data, so our QA and dev team can further investigate this, as we could not reproduce the behavior. Could you please:

  • follow the steps in this guide to enable ADB logs on your Android device
  • reproduce the issue once again
  • when it happens, please share with us the local date and time (the timestamp)
  • after you’ve ran into the issue, could you please grab a set of logs and zip up the entire folder
  • zip up the set of Android logs (ADB logs)
  • upload both Roon logs and Android logs to our drive

Thanks in advance. Can’t wait to hear back :relieved:

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Ok! I’ll work on it over the weekend. Thanks!

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I have exactly the same issue on a Samsung S21+

I was wondering initially if this was related to the Sonos patents victory over iOS/Android that forced the change with the last software update.

Very annoying…

Hello! I’ve recreated the problem and captured both the Android and Roon logs as directed. I’ve just uploaded them. Looking forward to your follow-up and, hopefully, a resolution!


Isnt this related to Andorid 12 and the Sonos patent issue. It’d the same on my Pixel 4. It all stopped working when I upgraded my phone to 12.

It may be but I haven’t seen the Roon team confirm and it appears they believe it should still work. Disappointed if it’s been disabled due to a patent dispute, it kinda distracts from the feature. Thx

Hey @Scott_Seiler,

Apologies for being radio silent :frowning_face: . We did get your logs — thank you for going through the necessary steps to make this happen.

I’ve just passed them on to our QA team and I’ll follow up as soon as we hear back.

Ok, thanks!

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Hello! Just checking in on this. Any update?

Checking in again for an update. Thanks!

Still waiting. I’d appreciate an update. Thanks.

Same issue here on Google pixel 3a XL. Android 12. Build SP2A.220405.003

Team, you last replied to this on March 9 and it’s still unresolved. I appreciate these things take time to diagnose and solve, but will you at least acknowledge my repeated check-ins?


I have the same issue, also S21. This was a relatively new feature, that I really enjoyed for a shirt while, and the gone. My guess, a a non tekkie, is that its an Android issue that see room not as Media but more like a cast.
I’d really like it back