Having multiple Apple TV 4 showing up

Having Roon server setup at my Mac Pro and source files in my Synology NAS, everything is working fine except that multiple Apple TV 4 is showing up in my Roon client. It looks like Apple TV is adding as a new endpoint every time I turn on Roon client. (screenshot below).

I tried to fix the internal IP address of Apple TV in the router but it did not fix the problem.

A little bit strange that Apple TV 3 in another room is working fine.

Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Jason_Bourne,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

If you reboot do things return to normal (at least temporarily)?

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Hi @dylan

First of all, I have Roon server running on my Mac Pro.
All the music source files are in the Synology NAS.
My router is Asus RT-N66R.
(I am attaching the screenshot of my router’s client list)

I use iPad Pro (or iPhone) as a remote (using Roon app) to play music through Apple TV 4 in my living room and Apple TV 3 in my bedroom. I also use Roon client software on my Mac Pro (which is running Roon server at the same time) to play music. (Does that make any sense? I am not really good at explaining these kind of things)

The multiple Apple TV 4 occurrence is not happening at once. It happens throughout a certain period. In other words, it takes couple of days to show up multiple occurrence such as the screenshot on my first message above. It looks like a new Apple TV 4 device adds up one by one when I turn off and on Roon client application or when I turn on Apple TV 4 when Roon server is on (though I am not sure about the trigger point).

The reboot of Roon server will reset everything which shows only one Apple TV 4 device as an endpoint in the beginning. However, the same problem persists as another Apple TV 4 shows up and adds up one by one again. And I have to enable Apple TV 4 as a new device everytime I use Apple TV 4 as an endpoint because the previously enabled Apple TV 4 is not working.

I hope I explained everything properly.

If you have any further question please let me know.

Sounds like the same thing as ChromeCast dups -

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That’s what came to mind when I saw this. Anyone know what the numbers in parentheses ( (3825) / (3845) etc. ) are? They do make the names of the Apple TV 4 unique.


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Hi @Jason_Bourne,

I met with the team to discuss this and wanted to follow up with next steps. The team is currently working to reproduce this behavior in-house.

So we can better understand exactly what’s happening, we’d like to gather some additional info:

  1. Can you confirm the firmware version your Apple TV is on?
  2. Please reboot your Core machine so that there is only one Apple TV device shown. After it shows up again a couple more times let me know and I can enable diagnostics on your account so we can take a closer look.


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Hi @dylan,

Here are the answers for the questions.

  1. tvOS 12.1.2 (Automatic update to the latest firmware)
  2. I just did. 12PM EST (New York) (though I am located in Seoul, Korea)

For your reference, I forgot to mention that Apple Homepod is connected to this Apple TV 4
Before I reboot the Core machine as you suggested, I setup Airplay 2 in the Apple TV 4.

This is a little bit strange that I was able to play through Airplay on the Apple TV 4 even before I set up the Airplay 2. But while I was taking a picture of setup screen to show you the version of tvOS, I went into the Home Menu >> Airplay and the Apple TV 4 asked me to set up Airplay 2, so I just did. (this is the only thing changed since my first posting)

Now, it looks like the multiple Apple TV 4 occurrence is gone. I will have to wait and see though.



Somehow, the number in the parenthesis coming after Apple TV 4 is not changing now.
And it looks like the problem has disappeared.

I will post again if the same problem occurs.


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