Having problems using Burmester MC151 With Roon

Hi Armin,
I‘m using Burmester MC 151 too.
Since I start listen my music using roon I can’t implement my CDs ripped and stored with the MC 151 into the roon library.
Burmester told me that there is just one opportunity to run MC 151 in server mode using the path for Sonos ( musiccenter151.local/sonos ) but in mp3 quality only.
My roon Nucleus doesn’t show any albums from MC 151 with that path but
my Aries Mini finds the MC 151 albums without any problems automatically.

At the end I can’t use the MC151 library with roon.
Do you have an idea how to solve this problem?

Hello @Withold_Skrotzki,

Have you added and enabled your MC 151 as a network storage device in Roon? Check this article in our Knowledge Base for more information on how to do this.



Hi @Withold_Skrotzki, I’m looking into a 150 or a 151. My Dealer is telling me, that it doesnt work with Roon. Did you got it to work and how?